You Can Realize Full Free USB Data Recovery Right Now

USB flash disk belongs to flash drive. And it is a kind of removable storage device. Removable storage device comprises USB flash disk, mobile hard disk drive, flash memory card and CD/DVD. The most typical features of USB flash disk are: it is easy for users to carry due to its small volume; USB flash disk has large memory capacity; it has fast data transfer speed; what’s more, it is very cheap.


USB flash disk consists of four parts, namely main controller (like CPU in computer), flash memory chips (like hard disk in computer), crystal oscillator and USB interface. There are three main applications of USB flash disk including being used as hard drive to save files or for users to migrate OS to it, as boot disk to boot computer and as CD-ROM to install operating system.


At present, USB flash disk has been very popular among most computer users because of its advantages. It not only has fast data transfer speed but also is convenient for users to carry. Since it has such advantages, users may store their important data in it. If their important data stored in USB flash disk are lost, they need to recover files from USB as soon as possible. For computer users, they may often consider realizing full free USB data recovery. Of course, users can’t directly recover data from USB flash disk without using any USB data recovery software.


Since users can’t directly recover files from USB, they may want to know if there is a piece of USB data recovery software for them to carry out full free USB data recovery. Now, we will introduce a practical third party tool – Power Data Recovery to users in order to realize free data recovery from USB.


Power Data Recovery is a practical and powerful data recovery tool. It can help users recover data according to different data loss situations. It can not only recover deleted files and folders for users but also recover lost partitions for users. If a partition has been damaged, users can also use this tool to recover data from it. Surely, if users accidentally delete data in USB flash disk, they can use this USB data recovery software to recover them with ease.


How to Recover Files from USB for Free

  1. To achieve full free USB data recovery, users need to get Power Data Recovery and then launch the powerful USB data recovery software at once.

Full free USB data recovery-1


  1. Choose “Undelete Recovery” module in the main interface of this third party tool to recover deleted files or folders.


Full free USB data recovery-2

2. Select the certain partition that contains the deleted files and click “Scan”.

3. Wait patiently for the completion of the scan.


Full free USB data recovery-3


4. Choose the files users want to recover and click “Save” to save the searched files to a safe place.


5. Choose a drive and click “OK” to execute all the pending changes.


Note: Users should select another drive rather than the drive from which users will recover files in order to avoid data coverage.


The USB data recovery software introduced in the above-mentioned content is a piece of powerful and useful software for users to recover data. With the help of Power Data Recovery, users can realize full free USB data recovery whenever they want.