The Leading Method to Perform Your Essential Police Checks

crimeAre you constantly endeavouring to enhance the day to day running of your business so your growth will be much smoother? Have you repeatedly wondered why it takes so long to obtain a transparent criminal history check and wish that you could discover a solution that will resolve the hindrance? Well, if you’re a company or individual within Australia and can relate then National Crime Check may be the perfect tool to solve your problems. We will quickly supply you with a complete police check so you can concentrate on the more important aspects!


In this modern era with so many things becoming digitalized, police checks must correlate with the digital development and become more accessible and easier to obtain; which is why National Crime Check are dedicated to returning your requested accredited Australian national criminal history checks within just 24 hours. Our AFP check is solely designed to be FAST and VERIFIED; those are the main two things that we place great emphasis on as nowadays, the day to day running of a business flies by in a heartbeat. The strategy that we have adopted to ensure that we achieve this is to be 100% online; the application process is entirely based on the internet, which will remove the hassle of scanning, printing, postage and hoping that it arrives in a reasonable amount of time.


The other advantage to our service being online is that no matter where you are or what time it is, you can apply to have an official police background check on your mobile, tablet, laptop or desktop and still receive the completed AFP check within 24 hours. Moreover, you can rest assured that you are being dealt with by complete and utter professionals; National Crime Check utilize the most secure verification technology to ensure no confidential data is ever breached, and this has propelled us to becoming the number one solution within the police check industry with an outstanding reputation.


Furthermore, with National Crime Check it has never been easier to acquire an accredited police check due to our extremely simple process and co-branded website. All you are required to do is navigate your way to our co-branded site and fill out a convenient application form, whilst also uploading a user ID and signing the consent area. Following this, National Crime Check will evaluate the legitimacy of the data, source the criminal history check, and then email you the results within a super quick timeframe. Alternatively, you could implement our intelligent application, which is known as API Integration, into your system and access AFP checks from within your network. We also offer extra services such as bankruptcy checks, a business portal, and keying checks!


So, if you want to improve your business strategy and have access to an accredited national criminal history check within Australia, which will save you time, energy and paper; get in touch with National Crime Check NOW…you have everything to gain and nothing to lose!