TechFinancials Binaries Platform Provider is Looking Good in 2016

tech1TechFinancials is a leader in the online ‘Binary options’ trading sector. Offering white labelled platforms to its broker clients in the B2B space, TechFinancials binary option platform provider services provide the tools brokers need, in order to offer your own Binary Options system to your retail clients. TechFinancials has seen large growth in European and American markets and the appetite for Binary options trading is becoming increasingly popular in emerging such as Asia where the company has experienced its strongest growth overall. TechFinancials is looking to expand into these territories with its revolutionary platform technology and is currently looking for partners to form joint ventures in these demographic locations.


The company is growing rapidly, with revenues increasing by 30% in 2015 and 2016 earnings seem to be in line with expectations, 2015 saw five new partners come on board and the cash position of the company has improved greatly to USD$3.5 million. Part of TechFinancials success has been attributed to its core vision statement, which is providing simplified online trading technologies. The TechFinancials Binary Options trading platform is user friendly and allows for anyone to take advantage of trading the markets from the comfort of their own homes. Retail traders can experience the freedom of trading CFD’s, Binaries and Forex right from their PC or Laptop, in any market around the world, all at the click of a button.

The market is showing huge growth globally and TechFinancials binary option platform provider services believes that we have the technology edge that will keep us relevant in the trading space amongst all our competitors. 2015 was a transformational year for TechFinancials, as we removed our focus from providing our own venues for trading in the B2C markets and focused rather on providing our B2B market with the white-labelled technology they need to be able to offer their own clients in the retail space, a unique, user-friendly trading experience through the revolution of TechFinancials technology. At the same time, we decided to make some management changes that enabled us to grow into the new markets our strategy was focusing on, thereby enabling us to the most out of the new opportunities that presented themselves in Emerging markets.


We found the very best partners with strategic advantages in regions that we decided had good opportunity for growth, in 2016 we expect growth to continue a strong upward trend, with our already strong cash position being added to and continuing to strengthen over the coming year of 2016. We see ourselves well positioned to grow our B2B mode, by leveraging our relationships with our new business partners. Over the last year we have announced a new range of products in the areas of Forex and CFDs, our clients demanded them and we listened to their needs, we also have seen a strong trend toward mobile devices being used as the choice of trading tool, for instance, the trading device of choice in Asia has become the mobile phone or tablet, away from the traditional PC or laptop trading platforms used by the European and American markets.


Markets will always be fluid and moving and while the rules apply to all financial trading instruments and service providers, we are regulated in every market and that’s at TechFinancials why we rely on our new joint ventures with our partners that are established and operating in these markets and are looking to work with a partner that provides them the technology solution that can give them the edge they need to stay relevant to their clients and profitable in their operations. We have seen strong growth in our brand and we expect it to continue in the year ahead. We believe that the educated investor, coupled with revolutionary trading technology will still present many opportunities to profit for the retail trader. In the coming year, 2016, we will continue to add to our product range offering and continue to refine and develop or trading platform technology as we advance further into the B2B space. We are excited for the year to come and look forward to providing the trading solution that the market and its traders choose as their go-to technology choice.


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