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Building and marketing your online store

3dAs a business owner or perhaps someone looking to setup a business you’ll know how important it is that you market your product online correctly. Gone are the days when we could build a brick and mortar business in a busy area and just expect the product to sell from all of the foot traffic coming through the door.  Everything is now online and a lot more competitive than it has ever been; in the past we were able to just put up a website and the traffic would flow and so would the sales. The online space has become so competitive now that you really need to be on top of your game and your marketing strategy needs to be top notch.  To help you succeed in this online market place we have put together this guide on helping you sell online.

Pick the right product.

So many people often fall at this first hurdle and the simple reason is they pick products that they don’t know or understand and perhaps have chosen these on what they think will work well. Our advice would be always choose something you are passionate about. Choose a product that you know and understand well and it will become so much easier to make sales.


Choosing the right domain

Good domain names are becoming more scarce so it’s important that you get a domain name as soon as possible.  A good domain should include your brand name or at least a catchy phrase that people will remember. If you are able to combine your domain name with the keywords of the product you’re selling then this is even better. Don’t go for long domain names or domain names that contain special characters such as hyphens etc.

Choose your store platform

There are some incredible easy to use software solutions available on the market for building your Ecom store. These range from wordpress, shoutcart, shopify and 3dcart all of which are incredibly easy to setup and of course cheap to run and maintain. Do some research on all of the above mentioned options to see which one would best suit your needs.

Choose your payment methods.

Again a very simple setup here and you can use either a service like shopify which has built in payment options or even another service provider like paypal which offer you the option to pay using all available credit cards and even those that are worldwide.


Marketing your store

Once you have everything setup you can then look at marketing your product online and this can be done through various methods such as SEO, PPC, social media advertising, forum advertising, media campaigns and much more…


If you would like to find out more about building your online store then please don’t hesitate to visit https://www.3dcart.com  you can learn more about their pricing options here. Or why not check out their feature packed blog. Of course if you have any questions at all then one of their support staff is always on hand to help with any queries you may have.