SPEAKLY: Revolutionizing Language Learning

As an avid traveller I can tell you now that learning a language when you travel to a foreign countries opens up a huge amount of doors, locals will warm up to you and you’ll see and experience things the way locals do. Even if it’s a few simple sayings you learn  or perhaps even wanting to master the language, the effort will go a long way.


The thing is, languages are tough and learning one can be an experience in itself. Thankfully there are some highly skilled minds working on a solution to enable people like yourself to learn a language in a short amount of time.  We recently stumbled across a great crowd funding iniative called SPEAKLY.  SPEAKLY is a powerful language learning tool to lead you to active speaking skills in 2 to 4 months. Imagine that? Being able to be fluent in a language in 4 months. Don’t delay and fund them today.