Shaping Bits Company Profile


ShapingBits specializes in multi-material 3D printers and 3D printing supplies. They offer an array of high-performance 3D printing machines, with single- and dual-extruder.

For the dual-extruder, their prosumer 3D printers enable users to build dual material objects or single material objects with dissolvable support structures. Their 3FXtrud Duo 3D printers work with the largest variety of materials on the marked, ranging from common engineering thermoplastics (ABS, HIPS, Nylon), to flexible rubber elastomers (TPU/TPE), renewable (PLA), and strong, performance thermoplastic materials like polycarbonate (PC) and ABS-polycarbonate blends (ABS-PC). The dual-extruder 3D printers allow for true free-form fabrication since dissolvable support structures can be printed from materials such as PVA and HIPS.




As for single-extruder, their very user friendly desktop 3DFXtrud Uno 3D printers, build objects in a variety of materials, such as renewable PLA, common engineering thermoplastics like HIPS and Nylon, and flexible rubber elastomers (TPU/TPE).

The 3FXtrud Duo is a family of 3D printer with various build volumes, 8000 cubic centimeters for 3FXtrud 20 Duo, 15625 cubic centimeters for 3FXtrud 25 Duo, and the largest 27000 cubic centimeters for 3FXtrud 30 Duo. They all share the same superb features and precision dual-extruder with direct-drive technology. The design and built of these bots aims at offering reliable high-class services on the 3D printing platform. This should suit individuals seeking to attain complex dual color/material objects as well as true free-form fabrication (3F) with dissolvable support structures. True free-form fabrication enables printing of any kind of 3D geometry whether it includes bridges, overhangs or internal spaces carrying internal objects.

The 3FXtrud Duo are designed with the aim of creating a 3D printing platform which is both dependable and versatile, being ready to print in a very large range of materials from renewable to engineering thermoplastics. As such, flexible, strong, as well as soft thermoplastics all are printed using a single machine, together with any dual combinations of these materials. User experience is enhanced by providing detailed 3D printing guides for any of the materials supported like 3D printing with TPU.



ShapingBits also offers 3FXtrud Uno family of 3D printers with build volumes depending on the model: 20 cm x 20 cm x 16.5 cm for the 3FXtrud 20 Uno to 25 cm x 25 cm x 21.5 cm for 3FXtrud 25 Uno. They employ the precise, rugged and rigid printing head and positioning systems that feature a sturdy frame constructed using aerospace aluminium alloy. 3FXtrud Uno printers, with their performance single extruder system are user friendly thus allowing the user to focus on what matters most for them, the design of their prototypes, art models or working parts.




Both material flow control and layer height affect 3D printer quality while being laid down layer-wise. In general, height value of lower layer offers prints of even higher quality. 3FXtrud 3D printers can produce routine prints down to 20 micrometers, thus producing objects with reach details and smooth walls. Direct drive extruder mechanism offers easy operation plus exceptional control over flow of the largest range of 3D printing materials. Objects therefore come out with smooth surfaces and require no post production processing regardless of the material you print with.

ShapingBits have an ever growing selection of diverse 3D filaments for printers including 1.75mm ABS & PLA filaments as well as 3mm ABS & PLA filaments. These come in different colors such as Black, Dark Blue, Fluorescent Green, Natural, Orange and Red. ShapingBits also offers relevant guides for 3D printing in various materials covering ABS, Nylon, TPU, PC, PC-ABS, HIPS and PLA.