Samsung s7 edge

newsAfter one single Edge phone in year 2014 Galaxy samsung s7 edge that is also surprisingly offered by two of these in 2015. Hence, doing so, though, the company also has moved the entire series to Galaxy S line, however calling them as Galaxy S6 Edge and also the other Galaxy S6 Edge Plus. So Mobile World Congress during this year, we eventually caught the latest glance of the new, bigger and stylish Galaxy S7 Edge. They also feature a phone 5.5-inch with the screen as it is compared to 5.1-inch of the screen on Galaxy S6 Edge.


Hence, now that we also know that everything about S7 Edge, a single question always remains that will there be a single, two as well as more models of Galaxy Edge in the year 2016?  The Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge also is pairing from with Galaxy S7, just from the last year. These devices usually sport much of same hardware, even though S7 Edge is also quite large in the size in this time all around. The Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge enhances the Qualcomm Snapdragon for 820 Quad-Core processor that is perfectly designed with the high level of energy efficient and also maximum kind of graphical performance in the mind.