Real Estate Technology

partnerlogoAre you a realtor looking to close more deals? Or perhaps you’re looking into expanding into cross border markets. If that’s the case then you need PartnerSss


To put it simply PartnerSss helps you close those ever so important deals with an international client base by closing geographical borders which allows you to mature and grow your real estate business utilising the best Real estate technology out there. The ethos behind the site is to only work with the very best, and will opens doors for realtors who have a proven track record and credibility as well as integrity. “You do great business, and deserve the exposure and success that international clients can offer.  We these bring partners to you.  For a faster and simpler real estate referral and reseller network, and international real estate marketplace.”



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The platform allows you to fully portray your abilities and business allowing you to get creative as you build your reputation as a quality servive provider on the site. At the same time your real estate referral or reseller partners can choose from of a number of partners to suit their needs rather than simply having to rely on a friend or family member for a single reference.