Operator of the Offshore Sud Shallow Oil Block

elenitoLater than the period of two years of working in Senegal as well as discussions with the administration of the Senegal’s Republic, ELENILTO, the top African minerals and oil developers, has been rewarded the judgment by the Senegal’s President to the PSC, it has just implemented with the Senegal’s Government and Petrosen, the nationalized Senegal’s oil company, to build up the potential Operator of the Offshore Sud Shallow Oil Block. ELENILTO would be the machinist of the particular block as well as Petrosen shall have alternative contribution interest in the particular project.

The size of block is approx 7,920 sq KM and is situated in the offshore basin of Southern Senegal Casamance, properly enclosed by two dimensional seismic. The volumetric assessment of Oil Resources completely depend on reprocessed two dimensional seismic coverage points out prospective of 500 to 800 million barrels of the oil in first precedence leads. Some other deeper potential are very much likely and would be discovered by Elenilto.

ELENILTO is working in the area of Senegal from 2010 in the sectors of Minerals and Hydrocarbon, and its working in the area of Senegal are properly managed by its minority partner and local manager, Mr. David Ericson all the way through Management and Capital Investments.