Most Popular iPhone Apps for Sports Enthusiasts


The new editions to the iPhone catalogue have been making all the headlines recently. If, in all the fanfare, you’ve become a convert to Apple’s mobiles (or even if you’re a long-time devotee) then you’ll undoubtedly need some help filling your new device with all the best apps. In this post we’ll be looking at the best the App store has to offer in the sporting category. Join as we look at everything from scorecasts to fitness trackers.





ESPN ScoreCenter

ESPN have got a great reputation in the broadcasting department and their apps aren’t too shabby either. If you plan to keep up with all the action then ScoreCenter is the best bet. It mixes real-time scores with news right on your smartphone; and the best part? You can personalise the news and score-feed so you see only what you want to. Keeping track of all the score is particularly good if you want to place Premier League Bets for example.

Nike +

There are now a whole host of fitness tracking apps out there but Nike + is still the original and best. Its stylish and minimal interface has a simple concept: it tracks how far and fast you run, with the added bonus of giving you an estimate of how many calories you’ve burned in the process. It keeps a log of your form so you can see whether you’re improving.

Yahoo! Sportacular

This app is another to add to the list of burgeoning live sports score apps. It’s a busy period at the moment with the Premier League several games in and the NFL recently restarting, so it’s good to have options when it comes to keeping track of all the scores. Sportacular gives users alerts from all major sports as well as news. At Bat

If you’re into Major League Baseball, then At Bat is the only app you’ll need. You can stream every single baseball game live with handy features like Live Look-Ins, access to archived game footage and customisable push notifications. The stats, rosters and realistic ballpark renderings make it one of the most sophisticated sports apps around. There’s a one-time annual fee and then a recurring monthly fee to stream all the live games.

Team Stream

There are few sports websites that put out as much great sports-related content as Bleacher Report. Their news app allows users to follow selected news and coverage of your favourite team(s). You can set up push notifications so that you get the latest news as it happens.


PlayUp is a different category of app: the focus is clearly on the social factor, the premise being that the best part about sport is getting together with friends to talk about it. The app brings friends and games together to discuss all the topics about a sporting event in one place. It’s what the creators call ‘a virtual, private hangout to discuss all aspects of the games with your buddies.” It’s not popular enough and fully-formed yet but it’ll be a go-to in years to come.