ipalfUSA – IP addresses allow a computer to be able to communicate with another one via the Internet.

IP address stands for Internet Protocol address. Each IP address is made up of four numbers ranging from 0 to 255. These addresses are a part of a laid out interconnected grid that governs online communication between an initiating device and receiving devices.

There are two different types of IP addresses: dynamic and static addresses. Dynamic IP addresses are temporary and are assigned each time a computer accesses the Internet. Stat IP addresses are preferable for online gaming, directional maps or any other website that needs to find and locate ip addresses. Static IP addresses are considered less secure than dynamic IP addresses because they are easier to track.

IP addresses also allow the location of billions of digital devices to be pinpointed and differentiated from other devices. A computer’s IP address is like someone’s regular mailing address. It is needed by a computer before it can communicate with others.

There are several reasons why someone might need to use an IP address to find a location. Cops and detectives use IP addresses to trace the origin of cybercrime, and some can use the information to track a stolen computer or smart device.


IP Alf is an online IP address locator that can be used with ease by virtually anyone. When logging on to the site, the user just has to paste the IP address into the search bar. After a few moments, the on-site map will show the approximate location of the computer user.

The user can view this approximate location on Google Maps or Windows Live Maps.

IP addresses don’t always give the precise location of a user. Sometimes, IP address locations are hundreds of miles off, but it generally gives the correct state and approximate location.

The website identifies the approximate country, state, city and postal code of the user. It also shows the country’s flag, time zone, latitude and longitude.

The website has been compiled with care and with the best knowledge. It uses cookies to ensure that the user gets the best experience. It also provides a list of IP addresses and their country of origin.

IP Alf also features an IP widget that allows the user to display their IP address, country, city, region, language, browser, system and flag. The user can customize the background and boarder colors as well as the size.


Also on the site is a Backlink creator. This tool submits the user’s URL to 5,295 different websites that automatically provide free backlinks. Using backlinks is important for any website owner as it makes a huge impact on a website’s prominence in search engine results.

In order to use the backlink creator, the user must paste their URL into the search box and click the “build backlinks” button.

For more information, or to try the locator, widget or backlink generator out for yourself, visit IP Alf online at ipalf.com. You can also check out their IP widget or backlink generator.