How Much Do The Best SEO Service Providers Charge?

From outside appearances, it sometimes seems like the best SEO service providers walk on water. They pop in a few keywords and the results roll in.

Let me be frank—they wish they walked on water. But doing SEO right isn’t as easy as it seems. Not by a long shot. SEO is an art, not a science.

The lyfe so short, the craft so long to lerne.

—Geoffrey Chaucer

SEO service doesn’t come with a pack of silver bullets to kill NO-TRAFFIC werewolves.

But when bundled with great content and professional know-how about your products and services, and your unique customer, it can be a force to be reckoned with.



The Best SEO Service Is What Delivers Results

Your SEO service provider needs to use psychology. Not to manipulate. Exploitation won’t work. Customers these days are too sophisticated for that kind of junk.

But SEO masters mine for the sort of search terms your customers use to find what they’re looking for.

Here’s an example: Kleenex isn’t just a synonym for paper hankies. It’s also a brand name. That’s not necessarily the kind of thing your analytics software will reveal during a keyword research.

SEO also includes services like social media strategies. Get too salesy on Facebook and people will: best case, ignore you—worst case, unfollow. Social media requires people skills and a sense of timing.

Providers will show you how to gauge when to turn on the charm, and when to ask a painful question or two.

Pain, sadly, or the desire for relief, is what it sometimes takes to get people into action.

SEO services also include proven ways to educate. That’s because potential buyers may not be clear why buying your product/service will make their lives better. You can optimize all of these SEO strategies into your site and your content when you have a seasoned expert leading the way.



It’s Not All About Links

Search engines like backlinks. When other sites link to yours, these links let engines know there’s a good reason to return to your website. It says that your website offers tangible value to the other site owners who linked to you.

A link says that someone wants more. In a search engine’s eyes, return business equals quality. Your website is a quality resource for other users.

Yeah! Everyone’s happy. But keep in mind, there are a couple of caveats.

First, back links from a limited number of relevant sites are way better than links from a whole bunch of random sites.

Second, links are good but their relevance must be supported by a strong keyword and content foundation. If you sell bicycles in San Diego, and you have a bunch of Chinese restaurants in Istanbul linked to your site, the search engines question those links and may bump you down in the search ranks for um.. extremely questionable link building practices.

You may laugh, but this type of stuff happens all the time… and then the Penguins get you.

We Don’t Have All The Answers

Finally, there’s a difference between best practices and knowing the EXACT WAY to do SEO.

BEST PRACTICES are methods or techniques that consistently show superior results.

WHAT WORKS may be something out in left field, a sudden development in your industry that, if acted upon NOW, will pull in a tsunami of traffic.

We’ll get there, but it might take trying a few things.

SEO service providers develop a keen sense of what works in different situations when they start to see patterns in your industry and customer behavior. They also have analytics and testing formats to measure what approaches resonate with your buyers.

There’s no exact formula but successful SEO happens when you have:

  • Good client / provider communication
  • Lot’s of hard work
  • Proven tools and practices
  • Imagination

Continued content development, experimentation and testing will definitely boost traffic, convert visitors to buyers and encourage repeat business. Every industry evolves. That’s the beauty of a competitive market—better products and happier customers.

The question “How can we do this better?” is never far from the minds of leaders in growing businesses. Innovation is key. It’s true for you and it’s true for SEO service providers.

SEO has come a long way, but one thing remains constant: the more you invest in SEO services, the greater your potential of return.