HomeKit is basically the framework that is mainly for communicating through controlling the connected and related accessories in the user’s home. You may also enable the users to always discover the accessories of HomeKit in home and also configure them, and you may also create some actions that help to control such devices. The users can also process the group actions together as well as can also trigger by using the Siri.  In case the iOS app is mainly and chiefly designed to offer the home configuration as well as home automation services like the turning on the light and even opening the garage door, you should learn more regarding HomeKit APIs that are normally used for the purpose of communicating through the accessories of HomeKit.


In case you are keenly interested to create the HomeKit that is well enabled with the required hardware accessory, so you should to be the MFi licensee for accessing the entire resources for the manufacturing hardware which also integrates the technology of HomeKit. An MFi licensee gets:

  • The technical specifications of HomeKit
  • Identity Guidelines and Logos of MFi
  • The support of Hardware technical

If you wish to join the MFi Program, so you need to create and register he ID with business Apple, submit the form of enrollment, complete the review of credit, and then execute MFi License