Everything you need to know about making a video game

vironVideo games are big business. With companies like ‘Blizzard’ reaching record valuations in the billions of Dollars and sales of popular games such as ‘Grand theft auto 5’ reaching the top of all-time, best-selling entertainment product list, it’s no surprise that the world is infatuated with a virtual realm. Who can blame them? Video games offer an alternate escape from reality where you can be anyone and do anything, escapism has commercialised itself into the electronic world of gaming and has millions of eyeballs watching screens, immersed in electronic adventure and action for hours upon hours. What’s more, corporations realise this and have spent billions in development teams and projects over the years. Companies like TreyArch and Ubisoft have programmers and designers, all working on projects that will become the next hot-seller or epic franchise.


With all the technology readily available at our fingertips through the click of a mouse, it is actually now possible to learn how to make a video game, right at your own desktop PC or laptop. Over the last 5 years, we have seen an uprising in the indie game scene. With the ability of small-time developers that are able to create fun, interesting games for mobile devices such as cell phones and tablets, but using online mediums such as Facebook and them interfacing them with their social networks. This has led to a new wave of video game junkies that kill their free time, travel time, or boredom by simply logging on to their social platform and playing any game. Most of these games have now been tied to online stores, such as Apple’s, iStore and Googles play store for android devices.

Games such as ‘Candy Crush’ and others like ‘Farm-world’ have enjoyed millions of users and with their ability to monetise the platform through social-media, have in turn made many game developers incredibly successful and wealthy from their online innovations.


Apps have also changed the way gaming has been consumed by its target audience. With the introduction of app stores and mobile devices that are able to operate on high speed bandwidth or $G networks, gaming has once again bee revolutionising into another form that has made it more accessible than ever before to anyone that wants it. The introduction of online gaming by gaming powerhouses, Microsoft; with their Xbox and Sony with their PlayStation, have enabled gamers to connect their operating systems with each other easily and with little expense, bridging a gap that was once only available to hard core gamers with multiple LAN connections.


Any way you look at it, video games are a growing industry that have an ever-steady expanding user base that captures more and more eyeballs each and every day. With the introduction of virtual reality and other amazing platforms that have more processing power and better graphic rendering technology than the super-computers of the eighties, packed into a space that is a fraction of the size, things are only going to get even more intensified as the years go forward.


As the internet has grown and expanded, it’s become easier than ever to get a hold of any information, on any subject you can imagine, and gaming is no different, there is an absolute glacier of information out there, that may sound good right now, but once you are wading through search results for hours, visiting hundreds of websites and still not really understanding anything, you may be a bit frustrated at your lack of progress and understanding on the subject. Information overload is a real thing and you will most likely end up catching the receiving end of it with the amount of information that is presented to you.


If you do not want to spend your time understanding all the intricacies of game development. Then consider a professional development team to assist you in creating either; the entire platform, or just parts of the game that you do not have the experience to code yourself. The technology is out there for you to discover and learn how to implement, but often, it’s the experience in technical areas that holds us back on achieving what we really had in mind at the beginning when we envisioned our game and that’s when it’s good to turn to the expertise of a pro developer. Whenever you are ready and feel you need some help with how to make your own video game, we are a click away and will be here to assist you with whatever you need to make your vision come true!


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