Email Spike

emailIt is important to understand that Email Spike is known to be the perfect combination of the Timer Spike as well as the Video Spike. The key purpose here is to usually combine scarcity tool along with video for the key purpose of the email marketing. This is also been quite common knowledge about videos that actually are well for the sales; video as well as scarcity together that also convert better and now also Mark Thompson with the Mark Callen that even hope to bring perfect kind of storm for the email conversions along with the Email Spike. It also allows you to get some of the embed videos to your emails as well as also to add the timer scarcity that even ensure about the readers jump and will also take requisite action quicker.



This is mainly hosted by the system hence there is no such hassle with the set up as well as with hosting. This is quite much simple to use as well as you can copy paste the embed code for the video that are generated by the Video Spike which is perfectly coupled with the code of copy and paste for timer available with the Timer Spike.