E cigarettes : How they work

ecigFor people who have not used e-cigarettes it must a curiosity to know how they actually function to represent a real cigarette. You will find several similarities between the e-cigarette and the conventional cigarette in their physical structure and the quantity of nicotine released by them. All electronic cigarettes are not designed alike and some of them even do not resemble the conventional ones. Users also have the choice of selecting the amount of nicotine content when but most prefer them without nicotine. An electronic cigarette is usually assembled in three primary components, a reservoir to contain liquid and atomizer, a plastic cartridge to represent a mouthpiece and the battery to energize the operation. Here we explain the entire operation for our readers benefit

In a real cigarette, tobacco is rolled into a cylindrical shape with soft paper tissue that a smoker holds and inhales through a filter attached to one end. But in e cigarette tobacco is replaced with nicotine liquid of various flavors stored in cartridges. Then there is an atomizer assembly containing a wick to ignite and heat the nicotine liquid which is centrally placed in the e cigarette. The third and the largest part is the unit containing e cigarette batteries that powers the atomizer or vaporizer. The atomizer is connected at both ends with a cartridge containing liquid and battery unit with power supply. And there is a mouth place attached at one of the cylindrical shape through which the smoker inhales. This completes the assembly of an e-cigarette.

ecig2When ignited either through a manual switch or through automatic sensor the nicotine liquid gets vaporized and atomized mist is created. The user inhales them in puffs and gets the satisfaction of smoking a real cigarette. Many views have been expressed from different quarters regarding the use of e cigarettes but one thing that has met with large scale approval is its effectiveness in preventing smoking. High percentages of people have used e-cigarette in place of real cigarettes and have succeeded in kicking the habit.




E- Cigarettes are hailed as appropriate alternatives to real smoking and the user experience also is enhanced with the use of flavors. E-cigarette cartridges are manufactured in different flavors such as pineapple, vanilla, Java, Peachy and Apple. These liquids are usually packed into 15ml packs to use in the e cigarette units. Companies also make E cigarette batteries in different capacities and colors to work in tandem with the units. Make sure you search around for the Best Electronic Cigarette.

Millions of Americans tried them and most found them to effective in quitting conventional cigarette smoking. People voicing in favor of e-cigarette advocated that they were found to be are more healthful over the conventional cigarettes.  Most of the people who tried the e-cigarettes were people who had attempted to quit the habit and failed to obtain any results. But with the help of e-cigarettes 9 out of 10 have kicked the habit altogether. E-cigarettes are backed by flavored refills such as vanilla and pina colada and this make them more enjoyable for the younger generation. If you’re UK based then make sure you do some good research for the  Best E Cig UK