Download 7 Zip

Download 7 ZipOpen source of the free utility 7z also has developed their far superior format of 7z (7 ZIP). While the new format of 7z is quite new in market, this is gaining slow popularity because to their easy interface, additional level of security as well as well-organized functionality. It is really easy to Download 7 Zip from the website. It is true that 7z is quite efficient than traditional format of ZIP. Just a small experiment was done that you may simply replicate for verifying the statement. Hence, for such an experiment, folder that was used was basically of 65 MB; it contains the files of Microsoft office and even some small files of ZIP.


Initially, I also compressed it by using traditional ZIP format through windows explorer. This file gets compressed and their size even shrank to about 8,881 KB. After this, I then used the format of 7z for compressing that same kind of folder and this got compressed to about 6036 KB. It is the great difference of about 3 MB that is above 25%. Such difference is really phenomenal as well as astonishing considering popularity of the ZIP files in market. There is no doubt at all that 7z is incredibly simple to use.