Digitally connecting Africa

Habiba is a young individual whose dream is to be an information security professional is about to graduate from the Kibera Soccer Girls Academy, Kibera, Kenya. She hopes to help her country, Kenya overcome her security issues. One of her problems is the high cost of connectivity in her native country as most people who live in Kibera have their abodes in slums, and these individuals live on a meagre one dollar per day. These persons are torn between choosing between internet access and basic needs of life which are food and shelter.


COLLABORATION BETWEEN AMMBR FOUNDATION AND TUNAPANDA is one of the few grassroots institutions that are focused on providing individuals who have been deprived of internet access in Africa. The organization is bent on delivering fast internet service as it remains one of the gateways to promote the propagation of education to millions of people.

The Ammbr Foundation is applying three technological means aimed at transforming lives and these include; Wireless Mesh Networking, Blockchain, and Self-Sovereign Digital Identity. These mechanisms are made available to persons like Habiba to change their worlds. The Ammbr Mesh Network permits backhaul providers which guarantee high-speed links to the main point of the Internet, and this will ensure even distribution of last mile connectivity throughout large environmental regions in a reasonable mode.

Houses in Kibera represent about 20% of the population of Nairobi according to statistics; they were created over hundred years ago. There have been signs of positive changes, but it is a slow process. The tarred roads and an upsurge in the sanitation level is a commendable feat. It is also important to note that the worries of the people living in these shanties can be taken off by charitable acts. The utilization of technology in the creation, selling, and marketing of local content and resources can change the fortunes of the slums. This will bring about the growth of a middle class and improved political and economic strength.


According to Derick Smith, he said Ammbr is not a mere technology tool that improves internet access. He opined that Ammbr is a cloud platform for the edge of the network – Edge Computing. It wields a robust security influence through an overwhelming digital identity that is managed by the person with an economic stratum provided by the Blockchain technology. With the introduction of fast internet access and healthy relationship between the people in the community, Ammbr has established a level-playing ground where individuals can build viable business entities.

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