cmeMILFORD, CONN. – In this modern and digital world, many businesses are making strides to go paperless and move their documents to digital format.


Digital documents are important for many reasons. A lot of companies, like hospitals, have so many records of their patients that they have to store their documents off site in order to keep up with them. Converting these to digital documents would relieve the cost of paying for an off-site location.


Converting to digital documents can also cut down on the likelihood of losing documents or on the likelihood of documents being damaged.


Fires can claim a lot of important records, leaving companies with missing or incomplete information on their customers and employees.


Companies like CME Imaging Solutions in Connecticut work to scan a business or organization’s documents and upload them onto a CD, DVD, or online at their SFTP site. The documents are converted to text searchable digital images, making filing and located documents easier without the hassle of digging through a file cabinet.


CME Imaging Solutions works with companies and organizations in New York and Connecticut. They complete one-time back file projects by scanning several hundred documents that are taking up space, costing too much money to store and retrieve.


The document scanning services offered by CME Imaging Solutions include document scanning, large format scanning, microfilm scanning, newspaper digitization, book digitization, on-site scanning, X-ray scanning, indexing and OCR.


Document Scanning Services

This can include forms, signed papers, and medical information.


Large Format Scanning Services

This service is best for architect drawings, engineering documents, blueprints, diagrams, maps and more.


Microfilm Scanning Services

Microfilm was used in days past to store massive amounts of information, but now, we have the ability to store things in a non-physical format.


Newspaper Digitization Services

Newspapers print several volumes and issues, and many news offices have to dedicate whole rooms for decades of newspaper archives. CME Imaging Solutions can scan these newspapers to document older issues.


Book Digitization Services

Although many people get their books on tablets or e-readers, older books are not available. This service allows for older books, which may be falling apart, to be digitized for easy reading.


On-site Scanning Services

Some companies are not allowed to let their documents leave the premises. This service allows CME Imaging Solutions team members to scan documents on site.


X-Ray Scanning Services

Scanning X-rays can allow for remote diagnosis, easier access to X-ray data and an easy and quick way to burn the X-ray to a disk for a patient.


Indexing Services

Easily find any document with an index.


OCR Services

Turn ledger sheets into searchable, sortable spreadsheets and preserve information safely and securely with this service.




Located in Milford, Conn., CME Imaging Solutions has more than 10 years of records management experience. The company works with businesses in Connecticut and New York and has distinguished itself through an unsurpassed commitment to quality, security and customer care.


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