Citrix Connection Error

Citrix Connection ErrorAt the time you are trying to start some kind of apps from your iPad with Citrix Receiver 5.5.x and iOS 5.x throughout Citrix Access Gateway that particular apps begin fails some kind of message that show some error. To find the best possible resolution of the available issue, you just need to use some steps like:

  • You need to confirm that the available certificates are valid or not.
  • You have to confirm the entire STA’s are working and up.
  • You have to confirm that 1494 port is open from your XenApp server and gateway.
  • For Citrix Access Gateway confirm that ICA 1494 port is in the list of Access Control.
  • You need to Take Network Traces to find out the exact failure point.
  • Cut off the environment to find out the correct segment of failing connection.
  • Check with a perfect Stand Alone IIS Server with CAG/CSG as well as XenApp from a user within the similar kind of subnet. You can even bypass any other firewalls in that particular environment.

If you are still facing any type of problem then you can search on web that how can fix the Citrix connection error. There are so many website available that can really help you in this manner.