lab1In today’s increasingly digital world, websites are becoming more important for businesses than ever. However, sometimes it can be difficult to know if your website has a real presence online and is being viewed by a number of people. has created a way to analyze websites for certain information like views and facts about the site. In this article, you will learn the importance of websites and analyzing them, more information about, and what the site can offer you.



Websites have become one of the best marketing tools for companies and businesses. They are able to connect people in different countries with services or products from halfway around the world.


Because having a website is so important, many businesses or people who have one opt for paid website services. This means that they are paying for a specific domain name that will be used to access their website. Paying for a domain name may be an investment for some, so it is important that you know all that you are getting out of the website you have purchased.


Analyzing your website can help you determine not only how many times your site was viewed, but can also help you determine in what areas you need to improve your advertising and promotions.



On, you can simply paste the URL of any website in the search box and click “check.” You will then be rerouted to a page that will lab4display tons of information on the website you entered.


First, there will be a list of information under the “general info” tab. This information includes the number of unique daily visitors, the rank of the website according to Alexa Traffic Rank, the website authority, number of Facebook likes, and more. The site also includes server details and a breakdown of unique visitors by day, month, and year. It also shows metatags, character counters, most used words, text to image ratio, and more.


WHAT CAN LABPIXELS.COM DO FOR YOU? can be an essential tool in helping grown businesses and companies. As mentioned before, the site can help you determine the next step in your business or personal marketing plan. Because the site tells you about how many likes and shares your site is getting on Facebook and Google Plus, you can learn if it is time to up your marketing game.


Additionally, you can use the website to check in on your competitors. Say you own a clothing store and you want to see if your competitors are doing better than you are. You can simply enter their site’s URL and check how much attention they are getting online. You can also use that as an opportunity to take a few tips from them. Are they using certain metatags that are gaining them attention? You can use similar ones for your site. Are they doing really well on Facebook? Check them out and see if you can go just as well!


No matter what, you can get premium results about your website on