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Typing for beginners

typeSo you have been thinking of taking a course on typing for beginners. What led you to this decision? Was it when you were relaxing, watching the latest episode of ‘Silicon Valley’ and the geeks are typing away at a furious pace while their eyes never move from the screen while they still manage to engage in conversation, or when you called on a client or friends office and were greeted by their secretary. As you sat down you glance up to hear the faint clicking of keys and see the reflection of the words rapidly appearing on her screen through the reflection in the tint of her glasses that made you realise that you need to seriously up your game in the typing department.

We don’t blame you. Typing is a skill that when developed properly can make you a more productive, efficient employee, writer, the list goes on and on. In fact, I bet you struggle to think of a task that doesn’t involve a keyboard of some kind these days. With the rise of mobile devices with onscreen QWERTY keyboards, the public is more exposed to typing on one form of platform or another, it’s almost impossible to escape in today’s tech culture infused communication environment.


So where do you get started with typing for beginners you ask? The best method of learning is right on your keyboard in front of your laptop or PC. A good keyboard tutor programme can be found by clicking here. Easytype is a programme that teaches your motor system how to link between what you see (the optic) and what you feel (the kinaesthetic) By training these two centres of the motor nervous system. Easy type has a great variety of tutorials that are structured in a specific syntax in order to train you one step at a time and take you from a bumbling beginner to Flash Gordon on the keyboard in no time at all. You learn at you own pace and complete each tutorial as you go along in the series. You can repeat tutorials that may require extra attention. Everybody learns and applies knowledge at individual rates and with easytype, it’s as simple as creating an account and then logging your way through the courses one at a time. At the end of the day it’s all up to you and it’s all completely dependent on your level of time you have to put into learning.


So take action right now and get started at easytype by taking there simple typing for beginners screen test here it will let you know where you are at the moment and the best course of action to take to have you advance your typing skills to the level where you too can skim your fingers across the keyboard a record speeds and compose emails, notes, articles quicker than you ever have before, all while never having your eyes leave the screen. Go on, what are you waiting for?


You can find out more by visiting or why not check out the benefits of improving your speed here.