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The Benefits of Sim Only Contracts

It comes as no surprise that sim-only contracts are attracting a lot of popularity. Recent developments in technology mean that many people are shying away from signing up for contracts that bind them for 24 months. They are thus finding it more flexible to buy a handset and invest in a SIM only deal, which is cheaper and offers more flexibility.

One of the main reasons why sim-only contracts are attractive is that they are cheaper when compared to ordinary contracts that come with the mobile phone. With this deal, you are only paying for the SIM card and not the mobile phone. This means that you only pay for text bundles, calls and data. By opting to shop for a phone and SIM separately, you can get a better overall deal. With this deal, you get to upgrade when you want. This means that it is more economical for those who do not have money to upgrade when their contract ends. Likewise, one can also upgrade if they find a new handset they fancy.

These types of SIM cards are flexible. This means that you do not need to commit to a 24-month contract. You can also be able to change your tariff more often according to your requirements. This ensures that you are not caught short or with excess data or minutes. These types of SIM cards allow you to leave once your short contract is up, with contracts lasting from 1-24 months. Many people may opt for the rolling one-month contract, which means they have the freedom to sell or recycle their handsets and get a good price for it.

These contracts also allow users to keep hold of their phones. If one has a SIM only deal, one can get to hold on to their smartphone waiting for the next release, instead of being tied up in the 24-month contract. Furthermore, if one is happy with the phone they own, then there is no need to upgrade as one can just replace the SIM card on the existing phone and continue enjoying their minute, data and text.

Another advantage to these contracts is that they retain your existing number. When moving to a new deal, you only need to contact your existing network and request a Port Authorisation Code (PAC). When your SIM card arrives, you then need to contact your new network and give them you temporary number that comes with the SIM, the existing number you want to keep, and the PAC you requested. This information will enable them to sort you.

With the SIM only contracts, you will still get to enjoy the benefits offered to regular mobile plans. For example, you can enjoy 4G internet speeds, WiFi and mobile tethering so you can connect the internet to other devices.

With these contracts, you get to shop around for deals and choose the best deal. Since there are no big contracts, if you feel that your needs change regularly, such as needing more data in one month and needing more minutes in another month, you can easily switch to another contract. Furthermore, it is easier to make comparisons when it comes to SIM only contracts since you will not be factoring the cost of the handset.

The SIM only contract option also allows users to choose the option of PAYG (Pay As You Go), which means there is no need for any contract at all. There is also no network branding on phones. Similarly, you will not have any network features locked. SIM only contracts are also perfect for travel especially for those looking to use multiple SIM cards.


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