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Secure Erasure of Your Business IT Data

It is vital to fully delete all sensitive information prior to selling or disposing of your business IT hardware and devices. Thorough and secure data deletion involves more than a simple factory reset (which is misguidedly assumed to be enough by many people). Data needs to be properly deleted, so the device cannot be accessed by somebody else, whether mistakenly or for malicious purposes.

Any device with permanent memory can be home to sensitive data that you want to protect. Permanent memory devices can include computers, mobile phones, portable storage devices like external hard drives, EPOS systems, tablets, USB drives, plus some you might not think of such as printers, faxes and digital cameras. The type of media the data is stored on, and how easily accessible that data is, are important considerations when deciding how to go about removing your sensitive information when retiring business IT.

Employing the services of a data destruction specialist

Wherever you are located there are likely to be numerous companies which will securely delete data from your business IT. These specialists should be experts in overwriting and destroying your data on your behalf.

Using a data destruction specialist is advisable for business. In the modern operating environment, there is nothing more important to businesses and organisations than their data. Your data, which your staff and internal processes have protected and managed while your business grows, now needs securely disposing of, along with the retiring IT assets and equipment that house it.

Data destruction experts should offer the following advantages

  • A specialist organisation may be able to return, reuse or recycle your assets after secure data deletion.
  • They should use practices that conform to your territories laws regarding safe and environmentally friendly disposal.
  • They should use a certified software erasure product and provide a full audit trail and certificate of completion.

Things to check before sending your equipment to a specialist include:

  • Seek information about the data destruction organisation’s processes and qualifications, to be sure that your data will be securely deleted and they adhere to regulations in your jurisdiction.
  • If possible, it is preferable to do another secure deletion method, at a minimum using the ‘restore to factory settings’ function, before sending the device to the specialist.

When renewing or removing business IT assets, there are two primary things to consider

  • The choice of erasure employed and the specialist data destruction supplier selected to carry it out.
  • Are internal processes in place to correctly audit the outgoing inventory, satisfying both internal and external compliance?

The most popular choice of tools for erasure or wiping of data from any IT asset, including Mobiles, is Blancco. Blancco erasure solutions are the most respected and widely used product on the market and are INFOSEC Level 5 approved and certified. Blancco software operate an international partner network including IT asset recyclers and refurbishers . A Blancco Gold Partner, such as this company offering UK and European support for IT disposal, provides an assurance that your data partner is using the best tools and is fully certified to operate them effectively.