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MassiveCraft minecraft plugin development

minecraftMassiveCraft’s team has developed a ton of unique Minecraft plug-ins that demonstrate just how Minecraft can be tweaked and re-formed to make something new. They’re always looking for more developers. Currently, MC’s development team has over 30 plug-ins that they keep updated and running, all Bukkit plug-ins, all Java coded (Minecraft is a Java-based game). All that they ask is that you are at least 16 years old, are English-speaking, and have some experience with Bukkit and Java. More experience is better. It will be necessary to have a Skype account and to use TeamSpeak to communicate with the rest of the team, as it’s very important for everyone to get together to figure out issues as they arise.


What plugins has the MassiveCraft team developed for MassiveCraft itself?


The main plugins made and used by MassiveCraft are:


  • CreativeGates
  • MassiveTickets
  • MassiveHat
  • MassiveBooks
  • Vampire
  • Factions
  • MassiveCore
  • MassiveRestore
  • MassiveShop
  • MassiveLag
  • MassiveChat
  • MassiveMoney
  • MassiveMobs
  • MassiveTraits
  • MassiveQuest


How to join the MassiveCraft development team


You’ve decided that you want to help MassiveCraft with their plugin development, that’s great! You’ll be signing up with a team of great Java coders and helping with something that’s pretty amazing. In fact, the work that you do here will help you become a better coder – what’s not to love about that?


In order to be considered for the development team, you’ll have to start by fixing a bug. You’ll need to submit a bug fix pull request on the team’s GitHub, then fix the bug that’s submitted to you. Once you do, you’ll get feedback on your work, including what you can do to further improve what you just did. Once you’ve tweaked your fix to the team’s liking, it’s time to move on.


Next, you’ll apply to join MC’s staff. You can find more information on that portion of the application process on their staff applications section, and if your application is accepted, you’ll become an aspirant.


What’s so special about MassiveCraft plugins?


MassiveCraft plugins add features to Minecraft that didn’t exist, and does it in a way that is quite unique to the game. Consider this: MassiveCraft has its own currency system, a robust factions system, its own questing, its own set of mobs, a specialty character traits system, a fresh take on becoming a vampire in a video game (I don’t know of any other Minecraft plugins that even allow such a thing), and a suite of server management tools that keep it all together.


The plugins that they’ve developed that they allow other servers to use have thousands of downloads. If that isn’t a testament to their quality, I don’t know what is.


If you’re interested in Minecraft plugin development, check out the work that MassiveCraft’s team has done and consider helping them out. You’ll learn a few things, get a chance to have your name on some projects, and get an opportunity to become part of a pretty amazing team of people.


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