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Meir ezra

Meir ezraMeir Ezra initial undertaking in the technology later than self-educating in the programming of computer system was the distribution and development of the very much successful editor of data dictionary known by the name of Addicted.

The creator, managing partner and majority owner of TimeMaker LLC, a company of software development making the solutions related to state-of-the art business management. Flagship product of TimeMaker, the rights-pending software of TimeMaker, is radical task management and business communication software that comprises the very exceptional ORP. This company is effectively distributed all over the globe to companies such as Motorola, Israeli Army and municipalities.

Meir Ezra is concerned with lots of other companies distributing and developing products related to technology: a very successful and innovative mobile blocker, a technology known by the name of payment-by-cell phone, solutions related to hardware and software and many more. He has even aided in the growth of a company related to film production, in the organization of a restaurant/hotel laundry service as well as in lots of other business enterprises.

Mr. Ezra finished a focused 4 years course in the field of Telecommunications engineering in Israel. Afterward, while helping as a marine diver in the Navy of Israel, he finished highly developed courses in the technology of electronic countermeasure, getting the uppermost available rank.