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Introducing KarsofTM Real-time Transaction Authentication System using Biometric Technology

Attention banks and other financial institutions!!


How would you like to totally protect your bank/institution and all your customers from fraudulent remote transactions?


As a senior banking/finance professional, you have probably been exposed to some solution to this problem before and if so, you’ve have probably also found that most of such solutions require you to implement one or more changes to your existing systems and setup – something that would take a lot of time, effort and money to do. For more information please visit karsof systems biometric security


If this sounds familiar, help is at hand, by way of the KarsofTM Real-time Transaction Authentication System. Using the state-of-the-art biometric technology, the KarsofTM system provides fool-proof protection against fraudulent remote transactions conducted in any of the following ways:


  • Phone IVR Banking
  • ATM Banking
  • Mobile Phone/Internet Banking using desktop/laptop/notebook PCs
  • Internet Purchases
  • Credit/Debit Card Transactions
  • Point of Sale Transactions


If you find this to be something useful, wait- it gets even better. The implementation of the KarsofTM system can be made in such a way that there is:


  • No need to change the current cards
  • No dependence on the security features of the cards
  • No need to issue/reissue One Time Password (OTP) Tokens
  • No need to change your current process flow
  • No need to introduce any new device at your bank, at merchant locations or at the customer end


In fact, all that the KarsofTM system involves is implementation of a plug-and-play solution at your IT infrastructure level.


Here are some of the issues that the KarsofTM system addresses:


  • Protection from fraudulent online payment transactions
  • Assistance in reduction of Bank’s annual budgetary provision for the settlement of claims by customers for fraudulent online transactions to their accounts
  • Improvement in your bank’s credibility and reputation in the banking industry, resulting in increased trust by the public and the banking community
  • Elimination of loss of customers due to fraudulent banking transactions


Some of the bottom-line advantages of the KarsofTM Real-time Transaction Authentication System can be summarized as follows:


  • No unauthorized online banking transactions will take place on your bank’s customer accounts
  • Improved credibility and public perception of your bank
  • Reduction in the liability risks and insurance costs for your bank
  • Increase in the National Banking ratings of your bank


In light of the above, it is obvious that you can do your bank/financial institution a big favor by initiating an inquiry for the KarsofTM system at your earliest.


KarsofTM Systems can be reached using the following contact information:


Karsof Systems LLC


California Office:


3415 S Sepulveda Blvd

Suite 1100

Los Angeles, CA 90034-7090


Texas Operational Headquarters:


101 N Highway 288B

Clute, TX 77531-3745



Tel: 877-282-7374

Fax: 800-878-2203