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macDownloading files from the internet is almost unavoidable nowadays. The best way to share information is through the internet. A process called torrenting has become a popular way to share files in more recent years. Generally, when you decide to download something off a website, you click a download button and the file automatically downloads from that site’s server straight to your computer. Folx will download torrents from trackers, as well as magnet links


Torrenting works a little differently. Instead of downloading a file from a single server, torrenting breaks up the file into smaller pieces. These pieces, often called “packets” are on a server but also are shared through a network of computers that are downloading the same file as you are downloading. As you are downloading your own file, another person is downloading a slightly different part of the same file.


This process also uses things called “trackers” to keep track of who has which pieces. During the download process, it alternates where you’re downloading your file from. Torrenting can reduce the load on a network, but can be slow to start. Using the method of torrenting to share files can have about the same risk as downloading from an unknown server: you can accidently download viruses to your computer. In addition, another person who is also torrenting can upload a file with a virus. The good news is that other people who torrent are on the lookout for these people and will warn you of files that have a virus.


While torrenting has a few risks associated with it, it can be a very useful method of downloading a file, but it can often be difficult to find the best possible torrenting tool or application to serve your needs.


Luckily, Folx, a torrenting app for Mac, is helping torrenters everywhere share their files with ease.


Folx offers a ton of features to its users, including the ability to tag downloads according to their content, set priority for downloads, control of download and upload speeds, and more. In addition, Folx can download torrents from trackers and magnet links, which enable you to download your content using a plain-text link.  Click here for the  best torrent downloaders mac


Free and currently available on the Mac App Store, Folx has a PRO version that allows you to search for torrents on multiple trackers at the same time without leaving the app. You can also download your content faster, schedule your downloads, add music and videos to your iTunes account automatically, save your logins and passwords, download videos from YouTube, and more with the PRO version of the app.


You can purchase the PRO version of the app for $19.95 on the Eltima website here.



Eltima is an online company offering top notch software for Windows and Mac users alike. The company has worked with Nestle, NIKE, Coca-Cola, Yahoo!, Disney, and Ebay. For more information, to download the Folx application, or to see what other apps are available for Mac and Windows computers, visit Eltima online. For customer support, email