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Flying drones

Flying dronesHave you ever considered to buy the Flying drones about 2 years before, most of the people will certainly labelled you to be quite crazy? But these days, for more than last one year of minimum, this is what this buzz is basically all about. Moreover, they also have been acquiring high level of popularity as well as many more commercial applications that have developed and created for these. The main 2 competitors are the Parrot that have now got released with the latest 2.0 version of AR Drone for the amateurs, as well as DJI Phantom that is priced for more than $1,000 which is the highly serious players in arena of the flying drone.

Moreover, the AR Drone is also priced at approximately $300 and will depend on whether the buyer will choose to go for any kind of additional features like the auto-pilot which is GPS based, the additional battery or even the extra memory in form of the USB plug-in stick. It makes it to be highly affordable as well as it will also not surprise in case it becomes the best Christmas gifts for this year! So, what are you waiting for go ahead and get flying drones for your friend or for family.