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Data extraction kit for outlook

data2Technology has made our lives so much easier in many ways, from the advent of applications on our cellphones to the way we now communicate using email. Communication has changed so much in so many ways and the convenience of email is taken for granted by millions worldwide. Of course with this technology comes issues which may arise from time to time such as the loss of emails or more importantly the loss of entire data sets such as hard drives should there be no backups in place. Thankfully there are tools which allow the easy data extraction of emails such as this outlook data extraction kit


It’s a very  unique product that combines the functionality of a powerful and fully configurable data extractor with that of a convenient tool for conducting forensic investigations, in other words you don’t need to pay an arm and leg for a forensic lab to extract the data for you as this tool can do it all.  Its advanced built-in report generation mechanism allows for in-depth analysis of the contents of PST files at the click of a button, allowing security experts and investigators to find specific emails in PST files and convert them to the necessary format which allows for easy reporting that you or your business can analyse. Don’t delay, get thi extraction kit today.