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Play. Offers Easy, Effective, and Affordable Custom Digital Signage

playRYOMGARD, DENMARK – According to Time Magazine, more than 3.2 billion people are using the internet right now. With more and more people flocking to their phones and computers, it can be difficult for emerging businesses and entrepreneurs to find the perfect way to communicate with their current and prospective customers.

Digital signage is an emerging market expected to grow from a $15 billion to a $24 billion industry by 2020. But what is digital signage?

Digital signage generally includes images, videos, streaming media or information displayed digitally on computers, televisions, electronic billboards and more and are typically used to display information for exhibitions, marketing and outdoor advertising.

Creative digital signage and marketing can cost an arm and a leg after paying a graphic designer to design the perfect advertisement on top of the fees to display advertisements, announcements or information on billboards or televisions.


But now, Play., a user-friendly digital signage editor, is presenting the world with a new way to give independent entrepreneurs and business people an easy, effective and affordable way to provide digital signage for their business marketing and advertising. Play. is a one-stop shop, giving its user the ability to create amazing digital signage without a degree in graphic design.

Through Play., anyone can set up screens in seconds. The program allows its user to design digital signage in any aspect ratio or display size, making it easy to fit television screens of any size. The program editing software also gives its user an infinite number of possibilities to display custom content exactly how the user wants it.

“I found the editor very easy to use and it offered much customization such as adding multiple images/videos on a slide, just as easy as creating a PowerPoint presentation.,” said customer Daniel Tapp.

Another user, Peter L. Thomsen, said “Play. Has been great for me. It’s an easy to use product that seems well thought through. Prior to Play., I’ve tried a few very complicated systems. They were nowhere near as straightforward.”

To use Play’s digital signage display software, the user will need a device, such as a computer, that can run Play’s Chrome or Android player, which can be purchased on the website for €128.95, or $138.01, and a Play. account. Play. accounts are €15 per month per screen, or $16.05. These prices are competitive and even cheaper than other digital signage display players which can range from $500 to $1,000.

Setup is quick and easy. The user just has to power on the player and connect it to a wireless internet network. After connecting to WiFi, the user must type in a six-digit code, visit and add their screen.


For even more information on Play. and what it can offer its users, visit There is also a contact form for those who have specific questions and a blog that can provide a few tips and tricks on creating the most appealing digital signage for a user’s business.

To find out more please don’t hesitate to visit you can find out more about their pricing here or why not check out their feature packed blog.