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The best ways to startup a business

 LOGO---Open-Acceleration-Program-HorizontalIf an individual wants to start any kind of business then in that case they may take the help from Accelerator program through, which owners can easily understand the topics along with different steps that will help to start up with new business or organization. In this program person will come across with experienced mentors who will guide them in each and every step of creation, they are considered the best part in this program as having more knowledge in the related field.



Along with that person can also take the help from co-ordinator who will arrange all the events in the best way. Apart from that person can also enjoy co-working space, which is hire on shared basis so less capital is required in the beginning. The duration of this program is from 4 – 7 months. It depends upon the person as how much time they can take to complete the program, they can move for 4 months also if they want to start up early.



 Main Contents of the Programs

This program is having some important challenges which are divided in monthly basis. Weekly challenges are also introduced where person will come across with daily plan as what they have to do in that.  Start-up team will also come across with tools and contents which need to be followed by them in each challenge.

Main Schedule of the challenge

Monday- Introduction of challenge by the mentor along with instructions and techniques provided by them as how they can achieve their task.

Tuesday to Thursday- Team will work on their weekly challenge.

Friday- Friday meetings arelesson learned meetings where start-up teams will be sharing their experience along with result which they have competed on challenge part.

Importance of the Accelerator program

  • This program is very important for start-up team where they are allotted with some important challenges which need to be completed by them within time limit.
  •  Start-up team will be taking advantages of experienced and knowledgeable person who will be giving them important guidelines regarding the setup.
  • Co –working space is provided to them so that they can exchange their ideas and points regarding setup.
  • Start-up team will also come across with angle investors who will be supporting the team  in creation
  •  They will also come across withJournalists of specialized media or associated with any newspapers who will be conducting the part of advertisement.



Accelerator program is the best mode, which is used by the business for their growth and development. It includeseducation about an Entrepreneurship where mentors give advice on each and every aspect for starting up the business. Start up teams is also provided with many funding options to start up business. Teams are also provided with many innovative tips that will set up and start up business smoothly. This program is considered the best option for the person or organizations who want to start up business where they will be getting important tips and advice for starting up.

Before you go we’ll leave you with these great startup tips