Carbon fiber leather

dexThe carbon fiber leather is design as well as manufacture composite kind of products for automotive industry as well as racing cars, and also for the orthopedics, interior decor, wheelchairs, diving, rehabilitation as well as several other kind of uses. The company also supplies about 1mm to 20mm of the thick carbon sheets of fiber. Every such product are also manufactured with the help of epoxy resins. They also have above then 7 years of the experience in offering some kind of supplies of the complex products as well as the solutions for most demanding kind of clients as well as leading companies through the several industries.


The process of manufacturing process also uses the technology, infusion as well as hand lay-up. Every such product is well manufactured with the unique as well as perfect technology. The facilities also include the oven that may also accommodate products up to about 2x2x2 mm at the maximum temperature of curing for 200 °C, the paint shop, and also the treatment as well as cutting of the machine. We even supply services that are perfectly related to milling on basis of the 3D kind of drawings.  The Company is also situated in Wołomin for about 30 km from the Warsaw – capital of the Poland.