Business Owners Doing Too Much

As you know, I own a few small companies. Entrepreneurs are very adapt at getting what they need for as little as possible. This way, we can reroute the savings into something we cannot do ourselves. However today I did the stupidest thing I think I have done all year.


My Mission

I have made it a personal mission to be more hands on in the Internet Marketing aspect of my business. I have committed to making our website as content rich and fast as humanly possible. Why?


Customers don’t find us in the phone books anymore. Our society has reached a critical mass wherein those with disposable incomes all have high speed internet and smart phones.


I digress to my original topic (more on that one in another episode). I am working on speeding up the website manually. I work for 3 solid hours, focused on reducing my website calls to a minimum when I break something.


Honestly, I didn’t break anything. I installed a new plug-in for the website. Its job is to make the website more “speedy” to an end user. I had never used this plug-in before, but the reviews said it was awesome and “Fool-proof”.


Guess who was the fool? You guessed it! ME!


The website was speedy all right! Better be because the logo and the banners weren’t working at all!


Uh-oh I broke the website!

At that point, what did I do? I made things worse. I started researching Javascript code and CSS. I got my hands really dirty in HTML web code. I learned a lot, but didn’t fix the problem.


After an additional 6 hours the next day, my developer came on. She fixed the problem in 10 minutes and we were up and flying.


What is the moral of this convoluted story?


As Clint Eastwood said in Magnum Force, “A man’s got to know his limitations”.


You want to save money by doing some things yourself. Great! How can the boss save himself from himself?


  • Don’t waste too much time on it. Education is great, but you have a business to run.
  • Remember, a trained individual could probably do what you’re trying to do in 5 minutes or less. Is it really worth the time and hassle?
  • How much are you really saving? My developer is $75 per hour. I spent a solid 10 hours working on the problem she fixed in 10 minutes and didn’t even charge me. That’s 10 hours of my life I will NEVER get back. It wasn’t worth it!
  • In that 10 hours, I could have:
    • Slept
    • Finished accounting
    • Launched a new marketing campaign
    • Created 20 great facebook posts
    • Written 5 great articles and submitted them to technology sites
    • Had fun with my son
    • Talked to my wife
    • Enjoyed 2 evenings of great weather outside



See what I mean? Did I really save any time or money? Nope, the educational experience actually cost me dearly! I truly was a Business Owner doing to much! Washington Missouri