An exciting new concept in business marketing

ngageAre you stuck with new marketing ideas for your business? Perhaps you’ve just hit that proverbial brick wall and are not sure in what direction to head. Thankfully with the advent of technology and the internet there are numerous options available online for marketing your business. Some of these would be search engine optimisation, social media marketing, content marketing and even mobile marketing to name but a few.


What if you want to be on the real cutting edge of marketing though? What if you can give your customers something they really want for free in return for a bit of social marketing from them? Sounds great doesn’t it? Complicated? Not at all, companies such as are leading this space with cutting edge social wifi marketing technology.

wifiHow does it work? And how can it benefit your business you may ask? Well it’s actual fairly straight forward, Ngage Wifi have quite cleverly taken the concept of crowd sourcing and offered something for free in return. The simple concept is that you will be giving customers or people close to work premises in return for a social acknowledgement such as a like or a tweet or a re-post of some sort. In affect these people will be marketing your services to their social group and in return they will benefit from the free wifi access you are offering. Well you may still be asking how do you benefit from this? In a few ways actually, the main being that you are getting exposure primarily to these people’s social contacts and this enables you to send out offers to your social network , or even the latest business updates or anything you find these customer or potential customers may benefit from.


So how does the process work? It’s very straight forward and the guys at ngagewifi will take care of everything for you.


1)      They will setup an Ngage WIFI router in your business location which will give access to all those that need it.

2)      Customers are then able to ‘like’ your fan page which will give them free access to the interent connection you are offering.

3)      Customers facebook status will then show any coupons or offers that you deem relevant for the audience.

4)      Engage customer relationship and reach new audiences.




So there you go, a fairly simple but ingenious concept. With the ever growing need for interent acces and business promotion this is a win win situation for all parties and will give you access to an entirely new audience and customer database. If you would like to learn more you can see how it works here plus some of the amazing features offered or why no get in touch with one of the team today and see how they can help you expand your brand reach.


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