3 Factors That Artists Must Pay Attention To While Working On Large Format Printing Projects

printThe print technology has come up a long way of evolution in such a way that today human being has access to various tools and techniques that can produce perfect prints as per the needs. Commonly, it is difficult to print larger font or graphics as many things are to be considered along with technical considerations. The tricks of Large Format Printing are much different from that of small A4 size printing techniques. Sometimes, it is also on the part of designer to prepare the design which is versatile enough to sustain and hide minute mistakes of printings like overlapped pixels and color break. Let’s see who a designer can improve the design of print to make it perfect for such conditions.



Continuous Testing


Just like a chef, the artist must focus on regular testing of artwork. Just like a chef taste the dishes and keep on adding ingredients to improve it, the artist must improve the design by testing it over and over again including the correct selection of a primary color for the printing process. The best trick to test digital art is to analyze it sung special print compatibility tools. Such tools process artwork in various formats and find out compatibility results as accurate as possible. It also keeps track of compatibility after Rasterbation of image for Large Format Printing.


print2Vector Graphics







When it comes to creating a masterpiece for the big picture, it is good to use the vector graphics instead of bitmap techniques. Bitmap techniques are describing the image as the collection of pixels which are so dense that it gives the effect of an image as the whole. However, vector graphics define the coordinates of the art-form. The vector graphics viewer then analyzes the codes and create image instantly. This means that the image can be easily enlarged as per the requirement of size without losing the quality of pixels and other image variables.


print3Viewing Distance


Those who are involved in designing of banners and hoardings must also keep in mind the distance from which it will be viewed. There are software which creates the perfect artifacts which seems to be realistic in shape and size when viewed from a certain distance and angle. After all, no one would like to have promotional hoardings that are not visible from far off distance, mainly when they are to be utilized for street ad-place. Analyzing distance of view also enables the artist to follow the perfect perspective of the image. Furthermore, the printing job is also dependent upon the viewing distance and angles. More will be distance of view for print; more relaxation in the pixel density can be afforded.


Final Words


There are certain rules of Large Format Printing that differ from that of normal small size printing jobs. Here, the application of tricks and tips are to be given special attention in order to make it perfect as per the project’s requirements. So, next time when there is any large formatting print project, make sure to take good care of above guidelines. After all, it is in the hand of the artist to make a difference in the quality of the image.