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websiteIn an increasingly digital age, having an online presence as a business is of the upmost importance.


Without an online presence, a lot of businesses won’t see a lot of customers. That’s why you need web hosting services through Website Solution Limited.



Web hosting is the act of providing the storage space and access for websites to be available online. Websites generally involve the transmission of a lot of data and information. This requires space and access that allows a page to viewed on the internet.



When a company decides to offer web hosting solutions, they often offer features that can help you further communicate with your customers. Website Solution Limited is no different.


When you choose the web hosting solutions from Website Solution Limited, you will receive access to a safe and secure network that is equipped with NIDS and ModSecurity, a web application firewall to enhance your network’s security. Furthermore, the sites are built on an optimized server for high performance.


Secondly, you will have the ability to build eye-catching, dynamic websites thanks to the Linux operating system with support from PHP/MariaDN or MySQL. Some websites that use this include WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, and more, to give you an idea.


Next, you can build your brand with a personalized email address that your customers can use to contact you if they have any questions about the products or services you offer.


Lastly, you will have direct admin control so that you can manage your website, email, and databases all at once and at any location at any time.



Website Solution Limited offers packages of varying prices and coverage that are perfect for businesses of all different sizes.


The Plan Soho package is $27 a month. With that package, the user gets 2.5 GB of storage, 12.5 GB of bandwidth, 10 POP3 email accounts, unlimited email forwarding, a domain, five sub-domains, and five FTP accounts.


The Plan A package is $45 a month and includes double the storage and bandwidth amount as the first package. It also includes 15 POP3 email accounts, and one access account to MySQL/MariaDB.


The Plan B package is $83 a month with 10 GBs of storage, 50 GB of bandwidth, 25 email accounts, two domains, 10 sub-domains, 10 FTP accounts, and two MySQL/MariaDBs.


The Plan C account is $137 a month and offers double that of what you would get in the Plan B packages.


For a limited time, Website Solution Limited is offering a free .com, .net, or .org website for a year if you order the webhosting Plan B package.



If Website Solution Limited sounds like a good fit for you, visit today for more information or to purchase a plan. For further information, you can email Contact the offices Monday to Friday from 10 a.m. to 7 p.m. at 852-2187-3707.

Personalise your phone

ringGone are the days when telephonic conversations were limited to house phones or the local call box down the road; technology has advanced at such a rapid pace that we now have smart phones which we carry with us every day and more often than not these phones are integrated into our lives from our daily shopping, to the way we commute and of course the way we communicate with each other.

This has of course also spurned an accessory industry and you’re now able to personalise your phone in ways that weren’t possible before, the most common way is through changing the cover into colours and designs you like. Of course you can also download your favourite ringtone of choice and it can be styled to your favourite track or perhaps even a tv show you love. If you would like to find out more please don’t hesitate to visit

The DevOps Book.

levelThe DevOps book is a must have for those who are seeking to become devops engineer considering that it contains groundbreaking information that proves to be invaluable and it even covers a wide variety of people who can become devops engineers including fresh graduate looking to break into the industry or those with history in software development, a truly godsent gift. With its basis in practicability the book ensures that it’s words can also translate to possible actions in reality and goes further to illuminate the career path of a devops engineer.

This book has insurmountable value because of the knowledge it offers and its ability to set it’s readers on the path to being a devops engineer with practical skills, listing emphasized requirements for being a devops engineer so as to enable every reader who seeks to be a devops engineer the ability to shine exponentially. It’s an essential for those seeking to become devops engineer and so cannot be underestimated


dataHave you ever been working on a project only to have files lost after a power outage or drive error? Have you found yourself with corrupt files after saving them?


Losing important information can be frustrating. That’s why Drive Data Recovery is here to help you recover the data that you’ve lost.


Here are a few of the services that Drive Data Recover has to offer:



Computer crashes can lead to the loss of data including precious family photos, videos, school work, financial documents, and so much more. If you have lost data on your device, you can get help fast from Drive Data Recovery’s standard or emergency recovery services.



When you are operating a small business, it is important that you are able to access all of your information so that you can accurately fill orders, respond to customers, and more.


Data Drive Recovery knows how important it is to keep your customer information and business information private. In addition to the standard recoveries,



If you own or are a decision maker in an enterprise-level business, your company likely holds a ton of information that is crucial to the operation of your day-to-day business. Drive Data Recovery uses top-notch technology to get your information, like spreadsheets, customer and billing information, and more, back to your devices.



Governmental agencies deal with a lot of data. This data is extremely sensitive, often including addresses, phone numbers, and even social security numbers of customers or patients. It is important that this information is not only recovered, but also that the person recovering it does so confidentially.


Drive Data Recovery will discretely restore your agency’s information, no matter if your agency is at the state, local, or federal governmental levels.



Information Technology departments often juggle the cumulative information of their company. Although your IT department is skilled, they may not know what to do when tons of information is lost.
Drive Data Recovery can help by restoring this information.




As you can see, Drive Data Recovery has a lot to offer and is ready to help you recover your missing or lost data. Drive Data Recovery is able to help you restore data that you lost on desktop computers, laptops, hard disk drives, solid-state drives, media storage devices, servers, RAID configuration, SAN, DAS, and NAS.


The company has more than 60 locations across the United States. The data recovery process starts with a diagnosis. During this stage, professional technicians will look at your drive to determine the cost of recovery and how long your recovery will take.


So, what are you waiting for? Get back your lost data today with Drive Data Recovery. For more information, or to request help from Drive Data Recovery today, visit You can also call 866-315-3282, email or start an online chat with a Drive Data Recovery representative for further assistance.