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gadgetWith crime rate on a steady increase in cities, the need for different self defence mechanisms have also arisen. The personal alarm has proven to be the most emergency effective protective device. The Importance of the personal alarm is derived from its apparent subtle appearance which transforms into a very loud attention drawer. It can be carried at all times and its loud ring provides immediate attention of people while suitably distracting an assailant.

The personal alarm should form a part of a person’s outfit to ensure personal safety and wider use would effect a reduction in attacks and harassment.  Having a personal alarm in life can often get you out of some very dangerous situations and cost very little; they are also a perfectly legal way of defending yourself no matter what country in the world you’re in, so as a traveller you have nothing to worry about.

Why Brands Need Brochure Printing Services

cambianYour brand conveys your preferred message to your clients. Building and maintaining a brand takes a whole lot of effort, which is why when a brand needs a brochure printed their best is to hire a brochure printing service.

Brochures are very effective tools of marketing because they convey your brand message in a well-organized format to the customers and client, which is why brands need brochure printing services. Your brochures represent your brand so you need to put in your best which translates to hiring a professional to take care of it, not using in-house printing.

Here are some reasons why brands need brochure printing services;

  1. They are better equipped with the right infrastructures for the job.
  2. It cost lesser than printing it yourself
  3. Since that is their area of expertise they are more experienced.


Your brand needs a brochure printing service if not for anything but for their expertise and experience. Your brochure says a lot about your brand so you should go all out with it.

Web WhatsApp

whatsappUnless you’ve been living under a rock you’ll know that we live in a world which is driven by technology – gone are the days when we had to rely on just home landline telephones we are now living in an era where face calls are possible and free communication through WhatsApp is a big thing. WhatsApp is the largest communication platform in the world and requires no fee and a very simple installation on a smart phone which then allows you to either text chat or call and even video call to friends or family who are anywhere in the world and the best part is it’s 100% free.

WhatsApp is currently owned by Facebook and thus is constantly updated with the latest technology. There are also now some awesome services such as Web WhatsApp which allows you to use a browser to send those messages you urgently need to send.

Buy Windows 10 Product Key From Key1024

keyMicrosoft allows users to download and install free trial of Windows 10 without the product key before actually buying the key. A product key makes a software legitimate. It is a 25-character key that validates the Windows 10 operating system (OS). After installing the current edition of the OS, you buy a cheap product key from a reliable vendor such as key1024. To find out more please visit buy windows 10 product key


Key1024 sells legitimate product key for Windows 10 both 32 and 64-bit. These are the following reasons to buy your product keys from them:


  1. They offer the best prices: Presently, they offer discount of 50% – 90% off when you choose from home or pro, 32-Bits or 64-Bits Windows 10.


  1. High Guaranteed Satisfaction: During the installation of Windows 10, they offer support from installation to activation.


  1. Instant E-mail Delivery: Immediately your payment is confirmed, you get a mail from them which includes the download link of the installation file and the license key you need to activate your OS. Instant delivery takes less than an hour.


For the best price, Key1024 ensures users can enjoy the full functionality and benefits of an activated Windows 10 operating system.

Data recovery for your business

dataUnless you’ve been living under a rock you’ll know that technology has taken the world by storm in recent years and thus have increased various aspects of our lives tremendously. With technology comes the storage of data and as any good business man or woman knows that data is key to the businesses success and should be treated as such at all times; not to mention various government laws and regulations which require you to store the data in the correct format and securely.

Of course there are times when the data will become corrupt or perhaps no safe data storage practices have been put into place. Thankfully if this happens you don’t need to panic immediately as there are some great companies out there which can help you quickly and affordably recover your data to ensure no significant costs to your business are incurred. If you’re based in Malaysia and would like to find out more then please don’t hesitate to visit data recovery malaysia