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Ready to use template for graphics

pixOnline and digital has literally taken over our lives in more ways than one, the one positive way it has benefited many is business owners. So today we’re going to concentrate on how the access to information and services of freelancers online has in fact lowered overheads for many business owners. When setting up a business online you’ll know there are many aspects which need to be taken into account such as website development, content development and of course the graphics which are needed for all of this including the logo and branding.


We all know how expensive this can become in the long run but thankfully there are some great ready-to-use templates for creating graphics which not only make the process incredibly easy but yes you guessed it, the cost is far less than what you would spend when employing the services of a graphic designer, so don’t delay and get your template today.

Where you want, what you want: it is online TV

playAs fun as technological

As it is evident for anyone, the TV is one of the nicest entertaining things to be done at home. Now, have you thought about online TV overtaking that place?

People who have tried online TV have seen it as the nicest ways to enjoy TV and have a complete panorama of what home entertainment is. Anyone, from kids to grown-ups can easily use online TV with no problem, and perfectly suited for their taste and needs.

Limitless fun from the comfort of home

Even remote areas can be accessed with an online connection. No matter what you want to see in the world, online TV is a good example of that. Regardless your timetable, user taste, geographic location, or any other you want to mention, online TV can be enjoyed by anyone with a computer and internet connection.

Let’s see this in a real example: Indian TV. No matter how far it is, or what language it is spoken in, this is a living proof of the reach it can have at simple clicks and links.

Would you like a taste of Indian TV as you could become a big fan of it? You are a click away of famous TV programs like Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon 3,  start having fun from your own couch.

Worried about your budget? Worries no more!

As you might be asking now, ¿would all of this cost me a big amount of money? Well, just sit back and relax.

Contrary to what people imagine that to enjoy the TV from remote areas of the world may be expensive and complicated, it evident that the only thing you pay for is your online connection, other than that, not expensive.

Yes! You did not read badly! A simple online connection and enthusiasm for TV from overseas is the only thing a person needs to enjoy any program they want.


businessHaving an office is essential in the professional world. However, many start-up companies and small businesses can’t always afford an office space or to pay a receptionist to field their calls.


Luckily, Astor Business Centers is offering these companies and small businesses virtual offices. Virtual offices allow for a sense of professionalism without the cost associated. Astor Business Centers has more than 650 virtual office locations around the United States.


For only $99 a month, you can get a virtual office that includes a business mailing address, business telephone and fax number, dedicated voicemail, access to business training and master classes, and a telephone answering service with a live receptionist.


For more information, or to rent a virtual office today, contact Astor Business Centers at or call 832-617-7959. Astor Business Centers is located at 8145 Hwy 6 S. in Houston, Texas.


macDownloading files from the internet is almost unavoidable nowadays. The best way to share information is through the internet. A process called torrenting has become a popular way to share files in more recent years. Generally, when you decide to download something off a website, you click a download button and the file automatically downloads from that site’s server straight to your computer. Folx will download torrents from trackers, as well as magnet links


Torrenting works a little differently. Instead of downloading a file from a single server, torrenting breaks up the file into smaller pieces. These pieces, often called “packets” are on a server but also are shared through a network of computers that are downloading the same file as you are downloading. As you are downloading your own file, another person is downloading a slightly different part of the same file.


This process also uses things called “trackers” to keep track of who has which pieces. During the download process, it alternates where you’re downloading your file from. Torrenting can reduce the load on a network, but can be slow to start. Using the method of torrenting to share files can have about the same risk as downloading from an unknown server: you can accidently download viruses to your computer. In addition, another person who is also torrenting can upload a file with a virus. The good news is that other people who torrent are on the lookout for these people and will warn you of files that have a virus.


While torrenting has a few risks associated with it, it can be a very useful method of downloading a file, but it can often be difficult to find the best possible torrenting tool or application to serve your needs.


Luckily, Folx, a torrenting app for Mac, is helping torrenters everywhere share their files with ease.


Folx offers a ton of features to its users, including the ability to tag downloads according to their content, set priority for downloads, control of download and upload speeds, and more. In addition, Folx can download torrents from trackers and magnet links, which enable you to download your content using a plain-text link.  Click here for the  best torrent downloaders mac


Free and currently available on the Mac App Store, Folx has a PRO version that allows you to search for torrents on multiple trackers at the same time without leaving the app. You can also download your content faster, schedule your downloads, add music and videos to your iTunes account automatically, save your logins and passwords, download videos from YouTube, and more with the PRO version of the app.


You can purchase the PRO version of the app for $19.95 on the Eltima website here.



Eltima is an online company offering top notch software for Windows and Mac users alike. The company has worked with Nestle, NIKE, Coca-Cola, Yahoo!, Disney, and Ebay. For more information, to download the Folx application, or to see what other apps are available for Mac and Windows computers, visit Eltima online. For customer support, email



mediaIf you are like most people, you are always searching for the tools and apps that will make your experience on your computer the best it can possibly be. This can sometimes be challenging as there are so many tools and apps available that seem perfect for you but may not be compatible with your computer. One of the most challenging tools or applications to find is a quality media player.

Media player tools and applications are great for viewing videos you’ve created, your friends have shared, or ones given to you on a disk or hard drive. In today’s technological age, HD video has become more popular. Although these videos look clearer, it can be a challenge to find a quality tool or application that can successfully play HD videos or movies. But what makes it so hard?

Video can be recorded in standard definition (SD) or high definition (HD). A video’s definition is measured by the number of pixels that compromise the video’s resolution. The higher the number of pixels, the better the resolution. Standard definition starts at 240 pixels and ends at 480 pixels. Full HD is found when 1080 pixels comprise the video’s resolution. The resolution of the video is the factor that decides how clear the video’s images are.


Finding a player that can process the number of pixels in an HD or Ultra-HD video won’t be a problem for Mac users anymore. The Elmedia Player is the top HD player for MAC! This player features an accelerated decoder that picks up on all the pixels in your HD or Ultra-HD video, providing you with the smoothest and clearest viewing experience. You can even watch 4K and 8K videos without even leaving the player through its native web browser.

But the Elmedia Player offers more than a great viewing experience for HD watchers. It also doubles as a DVD player. This is a great way to keep your computer clean of multiple programs. In addition to being compatible with DVDs, the player can also work with comprehensive HD sources like AVCHD JVC camcorder shootings, HDTV videos, and HD MKV files downloaded from the internet. Check out the best hd players for mac here.

The Elmedia Player for Mac also comes as a PRO version and allows you to download videos from the internet and steam full HD videos. Finally, the Elmedia Player can also enhance your viewing experience by shaping the audio tone with a 10-band equalizer; loop any part of a video endlessly; pause, flip, or rotate the video; and more!


The Elmedia Player for Mac is currently available for download on the Mac App Store for $9.99. Users have raved about the awesome quality that the player offers. One user said “so far, this player has not choked on anything I have thrown at it. Also, it has some features you usually don’t find on a player until you pay a lot more.”

What are you waiting for? Immerse yourself in a fantastic HD viewing experience with the Elmedia Player.