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iot1Sometimes, when using an Apple product, it can be difficult to transfer files from your computer, to your phone or iPad, and back.


This can be a pretty big hassle for anyone who uses their computer to edit photos or music that can only be uploaded or upload more quickly via iPhone apps. This includes photo social media sites like Instagram, and music sites like Soundcloud.


Luckily, IOTransfer was created to help remedy this problem.


IOTransfer is an iOS file transfer and management tool developed by IOTransfer Studio. The company has more than 10 years of experience in solving data troubles, file transfer issues and more. It has been serving customers worldwide since 2006. For more information please visit  free iPhone manager


In January of 2017, IOTransfer partnered with the famous software company IObit. Together, the companies are offering better service and solving large file transfer and management issues between iOS devices and PCs.


IOTransfer features four areas in file transfer and management:



Transfer your iPhone photos to your PC without using iTunes or iCloud. This is great for people who need to edit their photos before posting them or sharing them online. The program allows your PC to directly access your iPhone, iPad or iPod’s images, making it a quick an easy way for users to access their photos.



You can transfer your music, album artwork and song information to your Apple device withouy hassle. It is free to transfer any music format supported by iOS. You can also bulk transfer your music to back it up or share it. It is a good alternative to iTunes which often takes several minutes to load and sync your music.



Transfer video from your Apple device to your computer or vice versa. IOTransfer moves videos without lowering the video’s quality. This is best for people who want to remove video from their Apple device to free up space.



Transfer apps to and from different Apple devices with this program. This is best if you plan on switching phones or devices for newer models. You don’t have to worry about losing your apps!




According to user Oliver S. Daniel, “I have found this application very useful. It allows one to bypass the cumbersome process of transferring files to their iPad through iTunes which is quite time consuming. The transfer is also fast. So is the process of deletion and exporting of files and apps to and from the iPad.” You can get the best iPhone transfer software here. also heralds IOTransfer for its many uses.


“Overall, this is a great program for iPhone, iPad or iPod owners who are looking for an easier way to transfer data between their devices and Windows computers. It is very easy to use and features a minimalistic, intuitive interface.”

For more information, contact IOTransfer by emailing or visit them online at