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cmeMILFORD, CONN. – In this modern and digital world, many businesses are making strides to go paperless and move their documents to digital format.


Digital documents are important for many reasons. A lot of companies, like hospitals, have so many records of their patients that they have to store their documents off site in order to keep up with them. Converting these to digital documents would relieve the cost of paying for an off-site location.


Converting to digital documents can also cut down on the likelihood of losing documents or on the likelihood of documents being damaged.


Fires can claim a lot of important records, leaving companies with missing or incomplete information on their customers and employees.


Companies like CME Imaging Solutions in Connecticut work to scan a business or organization’s documents and upload them onto a CD, DVD, or online at their SFTP site. The documents are converted to text searchable digital images, making filing and located documents easier without the hassle of digging through a file cabinet.


CME Imaging Solutions works with companies and organizations in New York and Connecticut. They complete one-time back file projects by scanning several hundred documents that are taking up space, costing too much money to store and retrieve.


The document scanning services offered by CME Imaging Solutions include document scanning, large format scanning, microfilm scanning, newspaper digitization, book digitization, on-site scanning, X-ray scanning, indexing and OCR.


Document Scanning Services

This can include forms, signed papers, and medical information.


Large Format Scanning Services

This service is best for architect drawings, engineering documents, blueprints, diagrams, maps and more.


Microfilm Scanning Services

Microfilm was used in days past to store massive amounts of information, but now, we have the ability to store things in a non-physical format.


Newspaper Digitization Services

Newspapers print several volumes and issues, and many news offices have to dedicate whole rooms for decades of newspaper archives. CME Imaging Solutions can scan these newspapers to document older issues.


Book Digitization Services

Although many people get their books on tablets or e-readers, older books are not available. This service allows for older books, which may be falling apart, to be digitized for easy reading.


On-site Scanning Services

Some companies are not allowed to let their documents leave the premises. This service allows CME Imaging Solutions team members to scan documents on site.


X-Ray Scanning Services

Scanning X-rays can allow for remote diagnosis, easier access to X-ray data and an easy and quick way to burn the X-ray to a disk for a patient.


Indexing Services

Easily find any document with an index.


OCR Services

Turn ledger sheets into searchable, sortable spreadsheets and preserve information safely and securely with this service.




Located in Milford, Conn., CME Imaging Solutions has more than 10 years of records management experience. The company works with businesses in Connecticut and New York and has distinguished itself through an unsurpassed commitment to quality, security and customer care.


For more information, visit CME Digital Imaging online. To find out more please don’t hesitate to visit you can find out more about the great team behind the site here or why not get in touch with one of the team today.

Match your ideas to perfect web design.. Results: profits!

cwInternet media: the way to reach…

It can be said that a brand new company, just starting, or wanting to give a refreshing element to its image or new offerings could do with the help that can be provided by a very well designed web page. It has been demonstrated that the site that is best for its offerings is that one that gives the more attractive elements to its users, then obviously, the way to reach your target, even on worldwide levels, is with a great webpage of your own.


Give good service to your web page

There are many professionals that are in total capacity of making great works on websites, all of it with the aim of taking some sort of product to the most numerous uses possible. No matter if it is on blogging, on research sites, maybe for a selling site, or perhaps an informative or entertaining website, many are the elements of a page to be created and the details that are being pursuit with it. A web designer could offer help to design a website or any type of platform you may need, and can even help on the web strategy to be followed up regarding the hosting, e-commerce and SEO to it. In the USA, there are numerous options, many of which can perform as great professionals in website design company so you can mark a difference between a web page and the site that represents the personality of your company.


Attractive websites…

After managing to have an attractive and efficient website that says what your product or concept is, the rest is to advertise it so everyone can see it, and your offering gets to be in as many media devices as possible. A friendly-user, interesting, appealing and well defined in target tends to be the pages that reach more users, and there is where the professionals in the area inter in action. Technology in the digital world will provide the success you are expecting, a website with the right elements is just the best means to do it.

What is Search engine optimisation

geekWe live in a day and age where simply building a website is not sufficient enough to ensure people can find your website online. Gone are the days of brick and mortar businesses, or at least should we say they are well on their way out. So now we turn to online and how you can get more people to your website? There are many options such as content marketing, pay per click, banner advertising and of course SEO or search engine optimisation.


It’s essentially the process of optimising your website to ensure it ranks higher in the search engines and receives more organic traffic.  This is normally split into 2 parts that are known as on page SEO and off page SEO. The former being all of your website content needs to be optimised, the latter being the building of links pointing to your website. To find out more please visit seo singapore


group6SINGAPORE – Computers and smart devices are amazing additions to the thriving business and social world. However, sometimes viruses and people can steal information to be use maliciously.

Group6, a cyber security group based in Singapore, offers protection against a specific security-related problem: ransomware. Ransomware is a type of malicious software designed to block access to a computer system until a sum of money is paid. It is essentially like holding a computer hostage until demands are met. In such a technology-based world, protecting your business is very important.

Group6 plays the role of its customers’ Chief Information Security Officer and is able to protect a business or company and its sensitive information from malicious cyber-attacks through threat intelligence, insurance, testing, and prevention and recovery measures. For more information on ransomware and how Group6 can help protect your business, call (65) 9787 8461, email or visit the company online at ransomware solution singapore


ipalfUSA – IP addresses allow a computer to be able to communicate with another one via the Internet.

IP address stands for Internet Protocol address. Each IP address is made up of four numbers ranging from 0 to 255. These addresses are a part of a laid out interconnected grid that governs online communication between an initiating device and receiving devices.

There are two different types of IP addresses: dynamic and static addresses. Dynamic IP addresses are temporary and are assigned each time a computer accesses the Internet. Stat IP addresses are preferable for online gaming, directional maps or any other website that needs to find and locate ip addresses. Static IP addresses are considered less secure than dynamic IP addresses because they are easier to track.

IP addresses also allow the location of billions of digital devices to be pinpointed and differentiated from other devices. A computer’s IP address is like someone’s regular mailing address. It is needed by a computer before it can communicate with others.

There are several reasons why someone might need to use an IP address to find a location. Cops and detectives use IP addresses to trace the origin of cybercrime, and some can use the information to track a stolen computer or smart device.


IP Alf is an online IP address locator that can be used with ease by virtually anyone. When logging on to the site, the user just has to paste the IP address into the search bar. After a few moments, the on-site map will show the approximate location of the computer user.

The user can view this approximate location on Google Maps or Windows Live Maps.

IP addresses don’t always give the precise location of a user. Sometimes, IP address locations are hundreds of miles off, but it generally gives the correct state and approximate location.

The website identifies the approximate country, state, city and postal code of the user. It also shows the country’s flag, time zone, latitude and longitude.

The website has been compiled with care and with the best knowledge. It uses cookies to ensure that the user gets the best experience. It also provides a list of IP addresses and their country of origin.

IP Alf also features an IP widget that allows the user to display their IP address, country, city, region, language, browser, system and flag. The user can customize the background and boarder colors as well as the size.


Also on the site is a Backlink creator. This tool submits the user’s URL to 5,295 different websites that automatically provide free backlinks. Using backlinks is important for any website owner as it makes a huge impact on a website’s prominence in search engine results.

In order to use the backlink creator, the user must paste their URL into the search box and click the “build backlinks” button.

For more information, or to try the locator, widget or backlink generator out for yourself, visit IP Alf online at You can also check out their IP widget or backlink generator.