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Explaindio Video Creator

Explaindio is basically creating the buzz among experts of video marketing. This software is also well renowned for their simple control panel that can also be well operated through the simple clicks. However, Explaindio Video Creator software may even create the most amazing videos through their theme pack and also using images from them. On the other hand, video editing software would even lack the advanced and enhanced options as well as features such as timeline panel and also on the screen editing, few people also seem to be software for their simplicity. This software is not made for the purpose of advanced editing of the video. However, this will also produce the videos such as the professional ones. This software is also highly popular in the year 2015. It also seems as if Explaindio would even continue to be form in the year 2016 with few unique and exclusive offers.



Explaindio Video Creator basically the software of video editing, made for simple video editing. The video editor would provide the complete marketing video through help of the text of kinetic animation, whiteboard sketches, cartoon Explainer and others available options quite easily in just some minutes. You also don’t require being editor of professional video to make the videos through Explaindio.

Engage Builder

engageIf you are planning to have a new house that is built and will also no doubt spend great amount of time searching through magazines of Real Estate and other weekend newspapers. In these there are many advertisements through the Engage Builder guarantee to build a great quality of new home. The quality word also seems to attach them automatically to words of the new home so you need to question whether word mainly means that anything that is there to look great.

Once the advertisement of builder also appeals to you will even ring and will speak with builder. It is significant that you will also realise that usually the builder you speak is not a person who would basically be building the house. He may also perfectly co-ordinate the entire project by checking plans as well as designs, certifying that all such required approvals also are obtained, choosing the teams of the tradesmen to create the home and also checking the entire work. Quite often, he will also delegate to the project supervisor.

What may actually seem to happen is that builder that has best skills of relationship building to get the job for building the house? You must even remember as selling skills are mainly unrelated to the project management as well as building skills.

The Ins and Outs of IT consulting

itIn today’s ever-increasingly online world, the need for business consultants has been growing. When it comes to a company’s IT needs, it is no different. Companies have come to realise the value of IT consulting in addition to their own in-house operations to increase the efficiency and results. IT consulting can offer years of experience from qualified technicians right at your doorstep, without the need to hire an expensive company asset that might not be able to fill a full time position.

IT consulting offers on call support for any size of business, from large corporates down to small business owners, there’s someone with the right skill set for your business out there ready to help you. A good consultant will be on call at all times to serve your needs and should always solve the issue at a fraction of the cost of hiring in house.



Most IT consultants offer their skills on an hourly rate and give discount for larger more time consuming projects where you might need them for two weeks. They should be flexible to any task you put to them and give you a clear outline of the project before any work is undertaken. The consultant should save you both time and money on your IT problems. They should be able to streamline your business activities by assisting you where it’s most necessary.

But before you venture off into the web to find the IT consulting expert that’s right for you, there’s a couple of things that you should be aware of, after all, every industry has it’s pitfalls and we hope we can help you navigate around a few of them.

Finding the right IT consultant goes beyond just flipping through a bunch of business cards. Just because someone claims it’s their job title doesn’t mean that they can solve your company’s specific IT needs. IT Consulting is unique to every case and a good consultant should be able to blend in seamlessly with your current IT team as well as the executive management of the company.


So before you go and hand over the keys to your company’s systems and sensitive information to a third party, here are a couple of tips from some of the top executives and consultants in the game. These experts outline what you should be looking for in an IT Consulting firm and what you can expect them to bring to the table for you and your company.

Tips from IT Consultants and executives when vetting your own consultant

  • Make sure that the consultant has the necessary relevant experience in your size of business. Consultants vary in experience and capabilities. Finding a consultant that worked for a top 500 company may not suit your small business and may lead to problems further down the road. Just because they have lots of qualifications doesn’t mean they will suit the nature and culture of your company.


  • Find out any connections to relevant vendors in your market and industry. Are you looking for someone that has worked with a previous vendor, or looking for someone private? The products and solutions offered by the consultant will depend on who they are affiliated with and have worked with in the past. Depending on your current circumstances you may have different vendors and may not be able to change, therefore its critical to get the right consultant with the right vendor products for your business.


At the end of the day, the right IT consulting partner should bring you greater productivity to your business. This leaves you with more time to get back to the strategic focus of your business, which is where you are needed most. For many companies, fixing their own servers or their own connectivity problems can be done with an in-house team, but depending on your resources, you may have to look outside of your business to find the solution.

However, as Adam Smith stated, it’s the division of labour that has led to man’s progress in industry, and IT is no different an animal that the rest. When you find the right IT consulting firm, the result should turn up in your business almost immediately as your staff and you find better things to apply your time to rather than spend it on issues that can be resolved by someone else. The cost of leaving ideas and projects on the table eventually will outweigh the costs of IT consulting, so rather look to the best in the game.  If you would like to find out more please don’t hesitate to visit you can find out more about the great team behind the site here or why not check out some of the IT services they have to offer.  They also have a feature packed blog here and of course if you have any questions at all then please don’t hesitate to get in touch with one of the team who will be more than happy to help.  They would also love to hear from you on Facebook and Twitter.


Why you need managed IT in your company

itToday many of the worlds organizations are finding another solution to their IT worries with Managed IT service providers. These MSP’s handle all elements of their IT department via a collaborative partnership.

Managed IT providers have recently been on the rise as global industry goes further into the internet age. As late as last year only three in every ten companies had an MSP managing their IT activities. Some twelve months later the same survey has discovered that that number has risen dramatically by two thirds to 6 in every ten. Clearly the need for an outside managed solution has grown over the last year and will most likely continue this trend in the years to come.

As the private sector has become more knowledgeable and comfortable with understanding the bounds in technology that have come over the last few years, they now feel more certain in leaving everything from; their CRMs to their email hosting and even their network monitoring and backup to a MSP.



While one-time projects account for some of these engagements, a significant portion is ongoing management of one or more IT functions by a managed services provider, that’s the way the industry is turning in an attempt to free time and resources for the company to better leverage in other areas to increase profit. There is a much higher degree of familiarity with the term ‘managed services’ and greater adoption in today’s market and executive management.

Extending the reach of top Managed IT providers

Some upper executive IT services are such as managed services around data analytics, advanced application monitoring and business intelligence (BI), with increasing demand in those areas — most MSPs have yet to move beyond their start up roots in managing basic software infrastructure and network infrastructure. With Mobile being an area that has been identified as the next big sector for growth, the opportunity that exists still isn’t seen by the majority of MSP’s.

Awareness is the major issue blocking MSP’s in the past, these days of software-as-a-service (SaaS), the customers (and sometimes providers) are still confused about what actually makes a managed IT service.

Meanwhile, the managed IT providers in general haven’t done the best in communicating the benefits of managed services to the end user, the fact is that the use of MSP’s has about doubled in the past year alone, definitely suggests they’ve started to do a better job of it.

Managed IT as your partners, not your replacements

While companies are ever more increasingly dependent on MSP’s for their IT management, they should not give up on their own IT department just yet, rather let them work in sync with the outside provider to handle the day to day tasks and freeing up everybody’s time to take on new strategic challenges.

It relieves the IT staff and brings them from the shadow of the company. It should allow them to focus on other projects in development or other initiatives to create a winning solution to other issues the business is facing at the time.


This raises another reason for the move to managed IT solutions for businesses, its simply not a cost issue anymore. Owners and entrepreneurs have noticed the difference the added efficiency of an MSP can bring to the table and that is all being taken into account when it comes time to check on the company’s bottom line, but also on its future prospects and planning.

The roadblocks to MSP’s gaining new clients has been lifted as their prospective clients begin to see the value in what they are bringing with their efforts, helping the company become more efficient. Even security has evolved from being considered a bottleneck to using MSPs to a reason for doing so. Organizations have moved their views over security as it has become clear that security problems are often the result of human error.

Improving reliability and efficiency of IT operations was a core deciding factor in going for an MSP for 47 percent of companies with fewer than 100 employees and 56 percent of companies with 100 or more employees.

Enhanced compliance and security was a major deciding factor for 38 percent of organizations of all sizes. ROI vs cost savings was the determining factor in 33 percent of organizations of 100 or more employees and 28 percent of companies with less than 100 employees.



For the best in Managed IT services, contact  for a professional consultation on how we can help you manage and grow your IT business. You can find out more info here or why not get in touch with one of their team today who will be more than happy to help. You can also learn more about the great team behind the site here. They would also love to hear from you on Facebook and Twitter.

Business IT services

itWith business IT services, it’s possible to “grow as you go.” Meaning that your company has the flexibility it needs in order to start with managed IT services that make the most pragmatic sense for your company, then grow with us as your needs grow. An MSP is able to take the tasks off your hands that you don’t want to do and then free up your valuable time to do other important strategic business activities that better grow your business. An MSP can lighten the load on almost everything from IT infrastructure, including desktops, servers, networks and more.



What an MSP can offer you;

  • Manage and monitor desktops, servers and networks
    • Proactively monitor network devices 24/7 to identify and resolve issues and maximize system availability—including routers, firewalls, switches, virtual hosts and network storage
  • Install, manage and update virus, spam and spyware/malware software (security)
  • Install and manage software updates and patches
  • Back up servers and workstations
  • Install and manage firewalls
  • Host your email in our private data centre’s
  • Provide email access to you anywhere

Peace of Mind gives you more Choice

Services that are included in many business IT services are available to you. An MSP will work closely with you to determine your exact IT needs and then execute them on a plan that will deliver results to your company. The MSP should deliver simple, flexible solutions that are tailored to your exact needs.

With our business IT services, there are four unique ways to diagnose a problem and assist the client to solving any issue that they may have. Whether working with a private client, or managing an internal IT department.




It is the oldest and the most traditional type of IT support, it gets the top dog award for the best way to resolve an IT structural failure. Having someone onsite to navigate you though a dilemma like this is the reason you got an IT department in the first place, but in case all else fails, there’s always the phone. However, let’s have a closer glance at  it from another perspective;


  • interactive and the most “human” approach
  • explicitly conducted type of support, readily available for inspection
  • strongly desired by a lot of customers who prefer to deal with caring specialist with as little insulation and barriers as possible
  • the only way to efficiently diagnose and troubleshoot hardware issues – audio, video, unbootable devices



  • not available immediately and always a subject to a certain response time
  • costlier due to drive time required for a technician to get onsite
  • adds a low risk of personal issues due to a character incompatibility between a customer and a technician because of a more open interaction and less formal environment


Our other business IT services include the following;



This kind of support is easily available as an IT consultant can provide this service regardless of physical location for as long as there’s good quality Internet connection on both sides. For example: a client needs immediate help but his prime technician is with another customer in another different location, the simplest solution is to ask for a break and conduct remote desktop support for the most pressing issue. Often a Phone support call accompanies a remote desktop session.


Phone support is the easiest to provide and is also promptly available. Whenever you need it, just pick up the phone and speak to a qualified professional that will sit with you until your issue is resolved and you are confident in moving forward. We pride ourselves on delivering the very best in phone service that provides you with a timeous, effective call that gets you where you need to be.


This is the most flexible product in business IT services computer network support, as both a customer and an IT consultant have the luxury of working things out on their own schedule and to their own needs. It is a fully mobile service that can have you back up and running no matter where you are or where you’re going.

If it is at all possible then its best to leave it to an IT professional like  that provides the best consulting experience to decide what type of support would be the most effective in the given situation. With today’s IT environment it’s important, if not critical, to select the correct MSP for your business, enquire with us today and let’s take care of you. You can find out more about the great team behind the site here or why not check out the full list of industries served. Of course if you have any questions at all then you can get in touch with one of the staff here they would also love to hear from you on Facebook and Twitter.