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How to do anything

howtoUsing how to website like howtly can be useful on multiple counts. It could even help the prospective user to decide on the type of content service they would opt for looking at the various offers they extend.

Like all other industries, the content industry is also highly competitive. When it comes to deciding the right content services, the prospective webmaster will come across a couple of options to choose from. First; they can opt for the dedicated content services and second; they could choose the shared content services. If they require guidance; accessing the how to website can help. It is well known fact that web content is essential for any website to make good in the online world. Without quality web content it will never be possible getting the website viewed by millions of viewers on the web and also gain the attention of search engines and web directories that is essential part of optimizing search engine. though when it come to finding out the best for the purpose, using great web content service will give desired level of information to the webmaster concerned.

Prospective webmaster should not fall for the free site gamble as there are many that do not allow the webmasters to include any of their personal and also unique language scripts that could come up very handy in generating traffic.

Popcorn Time – Watch movies and TV-shows instantly

popWe live in a world where technology has made entertainment absolutely explode for us and it’s made on demand media the buzz word for everyone at the moment. Media companies are scrambling because the way people are viewing online media is rapidly changing, whether it’s the latest James Bond Movie you’re looking for or perhaps the latest episode of Vikings or Breaking Bad, it can all be accessed online now and literally at the click of a button. There are of course times when there will be restrictions in place and these will normally be Geographic restrictions or perhaps your ISP is limited. Thankfully there are some great solutions out there such as VPN’s which allow you to bypass these restrictions. They work by changing your IP address and making it look as if you’re connecting from a differ location. One such great service and online streaming is called Popcorn Time VPN. It’s one of the best on the market at the moment.

It’s the kind of a VPN built-in that can Popcorn of the application. Popcorn time just costs about $1 for the trail of a single month, and at the same time it also offers you about 256-bit of the AES encryption, on the other hand, it is also otherwise somewhat considered to be the bare-bones that is usually except for perfect kind of the inclusion of the SmartDNS service even though with the help of the Popcorn Time, you may also wonder that why you actually require it.



MPAA has just now announced that it has an ability to killed the Popcorn time as well as YTS which is also known as the TorrentFreak time standard. pop2On the other hand, after taking the complete look into such kind of the filled lawsuit it is usually seen that the Limited is also now included. There is no doubt as well as no uncertainty to say that is basically not the kind of the Canadian company and also nor it has any of their operations that are easily situated in Canada, it hence could be said that it means that the Canadian laws are usually not much kind of the relevant in the case as well as what so ever.

At the same time that we also properly understand that few of you may also get completely be worried as well as completely intimidated by just an idea as well as just a thought of different kind of the film studios, but at the same time even we wish to remind you about the fact that usually not logs, it also at the same time also never shares any kind of the information with any person else and also it mainly cares about the clients and about the specific kind of the safety as after all it is the main reason that why we have started, to protect entire of the things that are quite much vulnerable .

There are some customers who really do not ever wish that to share their details to others about the website. Hence, if you also do not wish that the websites, the ISP as well as the hackers snooping upon different set of the activities, then also VPN provides the type of the protection which you might actually require. Not just this but at the same time even encrypts the entire set of the data while they are in the transit, thereby also making it quite much unreadable for the third parties. At the same time it also hides the entire details of the IP address as well as the location by providing you with some kind of the anonymous IP address as this will help to keep your identity safe and so hackers will not be able to hack the website. So in such a way you will remain to be completely protected.

At, the level of security of customers is the top priority and your entire activity for browsing also remains to be safe and untouched.

If you would like to find out more than please visit you can read some of their latest news here. They also have a feature packed FAQ page here and of course it’s available in multiple languages.

Next Hacker IPPC: International Programming Player Competition

next1Programmer, Hacker, Coder, whatever your prefer you’re now among the world’s elite, not less than 10 years ago this collective group of solid mind power was considered ‘nerdish’ , those days are long gone with large Tech companies now scrambling to get access to the best coders out there. Of course that also means that the competition is now incredibly fierce and you need to be at the top of your game. This means constantly learning and adapting and improving, but of course, all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy.  Well, thankfully we have the perfect solution for you in the form of the Next Hacker IPPC: International Programming Player Competition. It means you can combine the best of both worlds, you can get out there and meet some of the best hacker minds in the world and of course afterwards you can go out and enjoy the streets of the stunning city that is Berlin. IN fact Berlin is world reknowned for it’s nightlife and you’ll be spoilt for choice no matter what your vice is! Relax on the street bars enjoying a good beer or hit one of the world famous nightclubs and part the night away.

Let’s take a closer look at what the competition is about…


First of all it’s being held in early 2016 in Febraury and as we have already mentioned it will be held in Berlin, Germany.  The line-up promises to be one of the best yet with a whole array of  of intriguing events and programming competitions featuring 3,000 of the world’s best up and coming developers and programmers in an extreme and exciting skill competition.  Time to start practicing if you want to be at the top!

Skills levels are from beginners to hacker eliot and this means  everyone can be a winner in the Xtrem Programming Competition Speed & Skill Challenge. $500,000.00 cash prize that await the winners.  You see what we mean by being the elite now? These kinds of competitions now demand huge sums of prize money and of course the better you are the more you’re going to win!



The competition is broken down into the following stages:

This multi-stage challenge starts with each programmer having to successfully find and fix errors in three random Java programs.  Once that phase is completed, the programmer needs to achieve a score of 150,000 points in a single Classic Pac-Man game.  Once both tasks are completed, the fastest programmers win a share of the cash pool.  In addition, contestants’ contest performance information will be made available for all Companies.

See it’s not hard at all? So if you truly want to be part of the hacker elite then you need to take part in this competition ASAP.


Next Hacker IPPS LDT is a worldwide group of like-minded computer programmers that is running this completion and as we all know the knew rage for crowd sourcing really is the future.  Their mission is to organize and host international programming events that connect talented programmers with corporations just like this and it also helps all that talent out there get discovered.  You can find out more by visiting the completion page here or read all about it here. If you have any questions at all then don’t hesitate to get in touch with one of the team here who will be more than happy to help.



Linux dedicated web server hosting

In this entire world where even the Windows that has been also been monopolizing the different horizons of the Information Technology since forever, here Linux is also quite much under rated in this entire world of technology, and has also only been perfectly able to achieve some kind of the percentage of the base of Microsoft customer. On the other hand, several website owners as well as web hosting companies were actually favor working through Linux as it is well compared to the Windows. It is true that linux dedicated web server hosting is considered as best. There are some other reasons that also make Linux superior to the Windows that are quite much dependability, security as well as their practicality. All such three of such factors, that also makes up the entire backbone of the dedicated web server that are also unanimously offered by the entire Linux Dedicated Web Hosting.



The fact is that, Linux is the completely Dedicated Web Hosting and it also has made the great level of success in entire world of the hosting word that it is also now used in dialect as the most generic term for several UNIX based of the operating systems still it is in the existence. On the other hand, Cost effectiveness is considered as the most prominent as well as the most important aspects that are regarded by anyone that is also considering getting the dedicated web server hosting. Irrespective of the fact that you are also wielding an extensive kind of the e-business and even hosting the online student forum, money is also usually the factor that one also counts. It makes Linux to be Dedicated Web Hosting to be the best and superior choice.



As, most of the dedicated server with the distributions are also completely free of price, that is also the strike against the Windows and dedicated server that is also demanding special license for every such piece of the Microsoft software that is also used. Using the Linux also saves you some good amount of the money that could be also used to purchase the better hardware which is also such kind of the foundation of IT project.

Trustworthiness as well as security is also reputed qualities of the facilities of the Linux hosting. Linux hosting also servers are the most popular for running the smooth for several different months devoid of needing the reboot that is also not the case through different dedicated servers that needs the entire reboot even after OS update as well as simple software kind of the installation. Reboot is also not a great concern for the users of domestic computer, but for the big e-commerce site such as Amazon it can also mean lost of the great chunk of the revenue.



Now a day the world of cyber is also play field of the viruses as well as malware. They also not just crash servers, but even corrupt entire data permanently and also steal the most sensitive information from server.


Full service digital agency in Milan


If you’re an online business owner then you’ll know how tough and competitive the market has become, there was a time probably about 10 years ago where you could just throw up a website and full it with keywords and it would rank and people would buy your product. The problem now is that multiple facets of that have changed, for example, web design and online algorithms have become far more advanced and tend now to rank websites on over 200+ quality factors.

Then there is of course the human element, what we mean by this, is that buying behaviour has changed and the consumer is now looking for well layed out website and great user experience, this means you site needs to be designed by a professional agency such as FEEL in a way which enhances the benefits of your buyers experience.




What are some of the benefits of employing a UX studio.

  • Improving your overall user experience can dramatically increase your conversion rates. Even the smallest of changes can result in percentage points in conversion.
  • More products sold. It’s a simple equation but once you have the best CTA (Call to actions) in place you’ll see your product sales increase.
  • Better search engine visibility. Bounce rate is a proven factor in search engines and the algorithms are now becoming far more advanced. What this means is they can detect user behaviour. Bounce rate indicates how long a customer stays on your site for, the longer the better and the higher you will rank in the search engines. This can all be improved through the user of good design and user experience.


About FEEL

So there you have it. That’s how UX can really help you can your company. If you’re looking for a great company to help you increase your conversion rates and reduce your online overheads then don’t hesitate to get in touch with fe-el digital agency in Milano. They are one of the best studio in the market at the moment and with a good client base and some solid testimonials to boot they’re a safe hand when it comes to not only designing but marketing your site online through various methods. They specialise in digital Creative Design are a Branding, User Experience, Conversion rates, and much more.



Their primary focus is and always will be client driven and focus, they listen o what you have to say and then implement this into some of the most stunning designs that you will see today. So don’t delay and get in touch with one of their digital team today here and see how they can help you increase your online presence.  They have a stunning portfolio here which really highlights their work or why not check out some of their feature packed design articles here.  If you’ve got any questions at all or perhaps are looking for a quote then don’t hesitate to get in touch with one of the FEEL team today who are always on hand to help.