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The Melissa Robot

Technology has changed our lives in so many ways and is advancing at an incredibly rapid rate; 15 years ago no-one could have imagined being able to call someone from a cellphone let alone access services from our phones at the click of a button nowadays. We’re advancing incredibly quickly in this arena and in particular in the field of robotics. Large corporations and the military have been using robots for a very long time for various things for example robots are now used in some of the largest assembly factories in the world and military uses include everything from tactical deployment to humanitarian aid.  Robots are now starting to enter the main stream and one such great robot is the ‘Melissa Robot’.

The Melissa Robot

The “Melissa Robot” designed by Favis, INC is the first biomimetic, or biologically inspired robot to be released on the commercial market. Standing at just over 5 feet and 6 inches tall this anatomically accurate robot is designed to be programmed in a virtual environment using physics simulations and machine learning and will adapt to most environments which configured correctly.  Over time the learner machine  logic is then exported to the actual real world robot to be tested and deployed in real world situations.  This is one incredible robot that is being developed at a rapid rate, so keep your eyes out for more news coming soon.

Data extraction kit for outlook

data2Technology has made our lives so much easier in many ways, from the advent of applications on our cellphones to the way we now communicate using email. Communication has changed so much in so many ways and the convenience of email is taken for granted by millions worldwide. Of course with this technology comes issues which may arise from time to time such as the loss of emails or more importantly the loss of entire data sets such as hard drives should there be no backups in place. Thankfully there are tools which allow the easy data extraction of emails such as this outlook data extraction kit


It’s a very  unique product that combines the functionality of a powerful and fully configurable data extractor with that of a convenient tool for conducting forensic investigations, in other words you don’t need to pay an arm and leg for a forensic lab to extract the data for you as this tool can do it all.  Its advanced built-in report generation mechanism allows for in-depth analysis of the contents of PST files at the click of a button, allowing security experts and investigators to find specific emails in PST files and convert them to the necessary format which allows for easy reporting that you or your business can analyse. Don’t delay, get thi extraction kit today.

Crime Fighters Atlanta: surveillance to prevent crime

crimeCreating the perfect home to settle into is not an easy task, and protecting it to feel safe within its confines is an additional responsibility to undertake. With augmenting crime rates particularly in urban areas, ensuring that your home is safe with the appropriate equipment is something not to be taken lightly. With over 18 years of experience in the security business, Crime Fighters of Atlanta offer a wide range of products and expertise that will enable you to secure the safety of your home.


In order to personally observe the security of your property, it is vital to install an appropriate surveillance system. If there is any breach in security, whether it is exterior burglary, employment theft in business properties or any form of violence or harassment, a network of IP cameras as offered by Crime Fighters Atlanta will facilitate the prevention of such mishaps and eventually the tracking down of perpetrators should they manage to get away.


With Crime Fighters Atlanta, it is possible to easily customize these surveillance systems to fit your property’s needs, whether it is a private household, a public communal area or industrial premises that you are trying to protect. The size of such a network varies from 1 to a 100 cameras, providing a choice of either day or night vision. Furthermore, the option of installing wireless security cameras may prove beneficial for homeowners that would prefer a more discrete system for aesthetic reasons. Through an Ethernet connection, the advantage of IP systems within these cameras allows anyone to observe exactly what the cameras record, and so controlling the security of the property is made possible. In addition, the ability to trace the optical field of your cameras via the Internet permits the surveillance of your property anywhere in the world, making the freedom to travel and work outside your property viable at no expense concerning security.


At Crime Fighters Atlanta, an extensive variety of experience with major clients such as Wal-Mart, Tyco and Hilton are proof of exceptional quality services as well as the ability to adapt to different sized operations. With solutions available ranging from small business and home surveillance cameras to the much larger warehouse and commercial uses thereof, there is no limit to Crime Fighters Atlanta’s expertise. This expertise however, remains affordable with the option to obtain a free estimate should you require one to better consider your expenses. Crime Fighters Atlanta is undeniably a leader in the state’s security industry, being certified by the ISN safety organization, certifying contractors on many different safety programs, and acquiring an A+ rating with the BBB business accreditation standards. The experience of working with Crime Fighters Atlanta is thus guaranteed to respond to your needs, applying the measures necessary to establish a strong sense of security within your property.


With the IP security cameras provided by Crime Fighters Atlanta, you can now prevent, protect, and simplify: security is no longer something to be afraid of, it is your friend. So wait no more to contact Crime Fighters Atlanta. They are there to improve your security systems and prevent crime. You can also get in touch with them on Facebook, Twitter or Linkedin

SSL Certificate

Not every SSL certificate also is same and every type is also different in other way. In such kind of small article that will highlight few key and important features of the SSL encryption, with the dedicated SSL and shared SSL as well as wildcard SSL and also other free SSL certificates. So, while selecting the SSL for online business it is always worthwhile taking some time that can consider as well as research what kind of the SSL certificate that you need and also what you may easily afford. However, there are several different kinds of the certificates and also they differ in price.


SSL Certificate

However, key kinds of the SSL are also dedicated, wildcard, free as well as shared. With different kinds of suppliers of the online SSL’ it also pays for shopping around. The dedicated certificates of SSL’s are basically assigned precisely to your domain name of the website. Hence in order to procure the dedicated certificate you should have your unique ending of the domain, for instance, .in, .com and The Prices of the domain names differ but there are also several online domain registrars. With the dedicated certificate this is not completely shared with other domain name, so these not generally offer SSL protection for the website sub-domains.

LED tape

There are several different things that you should consider while it is about buying the LED Tape. These days we are also going to take you basically through few of such considerations that also consist of length, power consumption, voltage as well as luminosity. But before this it is important to know that what is the LED Tape? It is basically a kind of lighting fixture which also features the series of the low-voltage LED that is even mounted to the most flexible strip.


led tape

So, because of their flexibility, the LED Tape is also well capable to handle the applications which are also otherwise quite difficult as well as impractical for the older solutions of lighting. Similar to luminosity, power consumption as well as the wattage of the LED Tape is also perfectly advertised on the basis of per metre. The complete power consumption for the tape may also be calculated through multiplying wattage each metre by different metres that you would also be powering from the supply of single power. The subsequent figure must also be used for determining the size of power supply that you actually need. Luminosity as measured in the lumens, also describes brightness of tape.