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Components of a good Lightning to USB Cable

The volts 3.3ft lightning to USB cable carries Gold Nylon Braided and Tangle-Free 8-pin features. It is useful for charging and syncing you iPad, iPod or iPhone by connecting to the USB port of a computer. You may as well connect it to Apple USB Power Adapter to attain convenient charging services from wall outlets. The device possesses Aluminium Connector Heads customized for iPhone 5/5c/5s/6/6plus, 4th-generation iPad, Air2 mini mini2 from iPad, 5th-generation iPod touch, 7th-generation iPod and Air/Pro/MacBook Retina display. It fits majority of cut-outs for iPhone cases.



The lightning to USB cable from Volts assures users of experience high-quality at all times and is thicker than standard cables, having outer diameter of 3.5mm. However, it is fairly flexible and employs Tangle-Free design, which enables it offer long-lasting service. The gadget comes to users in Space Gray, Silver and Gold.

The gadget exhibits a lightning connector with 8 pins that ensures all your electronic products from Apple undergo easy charging. Expect this cable to fit into numerous cases among them Spigen, Otterbox, Maxboost, AmazonBasics and New Trent. As well, you get to enjoy extended warranty lasting up to 18 months after acquiring this USB cable.



Apple has also created a lightning to USB cable. It replaces the earlier 30-pin dock connector which was used for connecting Apple mobile gadgets onto host computers, cameras, USB battery chargers, external monitors and other peripherals. Lightning is appreciably more compact compared to the dock connector of 30 pins and insertion can be done with either of the sides facing upwards. It is however incompatible with cables, along with peripherals designed for the 30-pin connector, except when an adapter is utilized. The Apple lightning to USB cable is applied by iPhone 5, iPhone 5S, iPhone 5C, iPhone 6 Plus, iPhone 6, iPod Touch (5th generation), iPad Air, 4th-generation iPad, iPad Air 2 along with other iPad Minis.



The 8-pin connector features a digital signal and is non-directional. Apple provides diverse adapters in-between Lightning and proprietary Lightning to Apple 30-pin interfaces. These include Lightning to USB and accessories to interface having high-definition televisions, SD cards, VGA monitors as well as SD card readers.

Apple Lightning to 30-pin adapter only supports a limited number of the 30-pin signals available; USB charging, USB data along with analogue audio output. Official lightning connectors come with authentication chip. This instance makes it challenging for tertiary manufacturers producing accessories which are compatible without getting approved by Apple. The electronics manufacturer has not yet discussed micro-USB in public, but observers within the industry are confident of the benefits of accessibility and bi-directionality which come with this device.



Accessibility refers to ability of inserting a Lightning plug in either way, which reduces deterioration from attempts of inserting the plug in upside down fashion, therefore offering convenience to the user. Bi-directionality means the lightning port may either charge a gadget or even allow it to power accessories. USB On-The-Go is an optional supplement that enables USB gadgets to achieve this purpose.

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App generator

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WordPress Meta Queries

wordpressWordPress is a wonderful tool for blogging and outstanding platform for publishing content, but with some effective plug-ins and queries you can boost the ranking of your blog. The search engines like websites that is made through WordPress, it is not mainly well optimized with the process of usual installation. Normal installation of WordPress website doesn’t include Meta description, Meta tags and Meta keywords. In case you wish to supply any specific or important information, related to your pages, you have to add the necessary tags manually. WordPress Meta Queries are wonderful help for WordPress users.


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