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Ptengine – The only web analytics and heatmap suite you need

Logo800pxSo you have the most amazing website in the world, you’ve got over the first hurdle of getting it built to the exact specifications that you were looking for,  it’s on point, user  friendly and as far as you’re concerned the best in the business out there. Moving on from the web build you then look at increasing your traffic base, and to some extent have done this successfully, be it through the use of PPC, social media, Search engine optimisation or perhaps even Media buys, you are now able to receive a steady stream of customers to your site. The problem then?

Well don’t be disconcerted if you’re the only one thinking surely you should be receiving more customers/sales from the amount of traffic your site is currently receiving. Enter the world of conversion optimisation/analytics and heat maps.  Conversion optimisation starts with the basics on how your customers are interacting with your site, what pages is the sales funnel flowing through and ultimately are they landing on those golden ‘checkout pages’. This all starts with analysing the data set from Google analytics or another more improved version of analytics such as Ptengine . Although Google analytics offers a lot of what you’re looking for in terms of analytics, there are multiple other benefits offered by Ptengine which can really help you improve your conversion rate on your site and ultimately increase your sales. Lets jump straight into who Ptengine are and how they can help you and your business grow.



Who are Ptengine?


They are one of the webs leading HeatMap and Web Analytics data firms, offering one of the most user friendly analytics and heatmap features available out there.  They’re grown the business to a point now where this amazing product is used globally by about 10,000 web development, marketing and UI/UX teams around the world. They have won multiple awards for this innovative software which allows and ‘easy on the eye’ presentation of all types of web traffic, such as mobile, desktop, tablet etc. You’re able to view in absolute real time what you’re potential customers are doing on your site. No longer is there a need for an in house UI/UX when these very reasonably priced piece of state of the art software can do this for you. It’s all there literally at the click of a button, data that can help you shape the course of your business and ultimately create a much better user experience and product for your customer.  You won’t be in un-experienced hands either as to date PTengine has worked with some of the biggest names in the business such as Sony Music, Softbank, Rakuten Insurance, Yamaha and much much more…


The Ptengine Vision.

With technology increasingly becoming mobile and businesses increasingly aware of the cost affectiveness of using software platforms, Ptengine has stood in the gap in this market and brought to you a world leading product at a fraction of the cost it would take to replace the software with an in house team.  No need to hire expensive analysts. No frustrating UI. With Ptengine, we place our robust Heatmap and analytics platform in your fingertips so you can stay competitive.



Find out more

If you would like to find out more about Ptengine and how they can help you grow your online business then please feel free to read the about us section here you can also get in touch with one of their great team here who will be more than happy to help with any questions you may have or why not browse their feature packed blog as we had a little sneak peak and the information contained within it is just pure gold.  They also have a great case studies section here. If you’re looking to partner with Ptengine then they welcome any partner enquires here. If social media is your thing then they would love to hear from you on their Twitter and Facebook pages.



Document management software

FCBSSoftware for document management is a very important investment for any small or large scale business who is handling huge numbers of documents. This particular software will allow your business to work more efficiently, saving time of the staff and making a document flow which works jointly with the machines that you use and network in environment of your business. There are lots of companies which specialize in making document management software appropriate for a variety of reasons, together with the conception of digital archives, online access to networking and documents support.

You will search companies making products planned for one user right throughout to big-scale; business-wide operation and they are famous for their growth work, done as component of a counseling process with their several users. This software allows you to change your paper records of documents into electronic editions and then to repeatedly extend this electronic records throughout the everyday business life.

fb1The advantage of changing your document management system  into the versions of digital format are various and comprise simple storage; simple retrieval; convenience across your group; the networked allocation of information to get better communication; and competence within your industry.

Submitting electronic format of your paper can even assist your business by allowing simple tracking of big stores of documents and avoiding the loss of copies. The electronic record is very simple to manage, along with the best software, and the necessary documents can be placed promptly. One of the very immediately and obvious valuable benefits to changing your paper document records to a digital version is that of saving space. You will immediately increase space in your workplace and the requirement for big scale storing dresser with mass records will be reduced.

A good quality scanner with this software is required in sort to make an archive of electronic document. The records is formed by the paper fb2documents scanning, with your software then allowing you to store these necessary documents on the hard disk or drive, as you like. Good quality software for document management permits you to extend and grow your electronic files well into the future and indicates that you can frequently add to your document archive with a perfect approach. On the other hand, such type of software will even allow you to restricted access to your archive from within the environment of your office, on the network based on multi-location or using methods online, for remotely working staff. At the time you have make your decision that your business can actually advantage from investment in software and necessary accessories, there are many other things to keep in mind. Think about necessary factors like the total number of existing archived documents that your new digital archive will want to store and about how many new digital documents can be added over the period of 12-month. You must give superb thought to how any particular users will want to use the system and the permissions and right these persons will be permitted to have.

For more information please visit or read more about what they do here.

Getresponse review

emailIs GetResponse considered to be best service of autoresponder? Is it quite powerful as well as easy to use when people claim to be? Such questions will get answered in the GetResponse review.If you actually do any kind of internet marketing so you will also know that how powerful it is to obtain any kind of information from the potential client. When you will have name as well as email of any person who is interested in the product you may then continue to always contact them till the sale is done. It will even save you from the cost of advertising if you will release the new product in future, as you already have complete list of the people you may sell it.

The most significant quality that the autoresponder should have is the reliability. Since the list also grows so you may also have different thousands, also millions of the subscribers. Moreover, people on the list also depend on information which you have sent out. So, with the GetResponse you will also be able to relax and to have complete piece of mind as understanding that the newsletter will also be sent on time without any kind of hiccups.

Liquor Store Software Saves Time at Checkout

mpower-beverage-300x268Liquor store retailers must deal with a multitude of duties and tasks, including, but not limited to tracking inventory, reporting, managing employees, and engaging customers at the point of sale. Using liquor store software can help keep track of everything from multiple units of measure, whether single serve, six-pack, or by the case.


Liquor Store Software Empowers Store Associates


Empower store associates with software that helps improve efficiency in their day-to-day tasks. Liquor store software has a number of features to help make the job easier; from checking identification to tracking inventory and also to knowing when to wish a repeat customer a happy birthday.  Age verification, 2D scanning, and integrated card processing can also help the store associate move the customer through checkout quickly. While the liquor store point of sale is the best opportunity to interact with the customer, it’s the software that gives peace of mind to those responsible for store management.


Features of the Software

From e-commerce and remote access to customer and inventory management, liquor store point of sale software offers retailers a wide array of features to more efficiently serve their customers. Inventory and customer management tracking combined with point of sale help manage the liquor store’s daily operation. With so much to consider at checkout such as cost, discount, age, units, and so on; automated systems work to improve a retailer’s reputation from the front lines at the liquor store point of sale to the back office using the software.


E-commerce and Remote Access


For those customers who prefer to shop online and for owners and managers of multiple stores, e-commerce and remote access offer convenience. Customers can view what inventory is available and order from the comfort of their own home. Remote access and the wireless tablet allow owners and managers to check on their staff, create reports, and manage inventory from anywhere.


Inventory Management and Customer Management


Most liquor store software tracks specific inventory, compares vendors, houses purchase orders, and runs reports. However, one of its greatest benefits is its customer management feature. This tool allows the store to focus on relationship building with the customer from initial contact at the point of sale to discount offers, marketing efforts, and also personal alerts regarding special occasions.



Vectone Mobile Review

veectoneIt is a general human nature to be trained about the products before purchasing. In advance it was the rumor that knowledgeable regarding the products which is available in the online or offline market. If talking about the reviews then it is best source of information that can give best and latest knowledge about product. Now, if you want to purchase vectone mobile, then you can check Vectone mobile reviews from sources; it can be through internet, newspaper, emails or magazines etc.


Good quality mobile phones are easily available in a broad variety, catering to requirements of different customer. Without any doubt that mobile phone reviews will guide you a lot and give you superior choice to purchase a best phone. The reviews of mobile educate the client regarding all the necessary available features in a certain mobile phone and what are the benefits and disadvantages of the Mobile phone. Perfectly operational with this informative information, people can make a decision whether the phone will be appropriate for them. The reviews for mobile in a manner work like the promotion, but the basic difference is that its views are nonaligned, and it is perfectly written to assist the clients not the product transaction.