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Secure Erasure of Your Business IT Data

It is vital to fully delete all sensitive information prior to selling or disposing of your business IT hardware and devices. Thorough and secure data deletion involves more than a simple factory reset (which is misguidedly assumed to be enough by many people). Data needs to be properly deleted, so the device cannot be accessed by somebody else, whether mistakenly or for malicious purposes.

Any device with permanent memory can be home to sensitive data that you want to protect. Permanent memory devices can include computers, mobile phones, portable storage devices like external hard drives, EPOS systems, tablets, USB drives, plus some you might not think of such as printers, faxes and digital cameras. The type of media the data is stored on, and how easily accessible that data is, are important considerations when deciding how to go about removing your sensitive information when retiring business IT.

Employing the services of a data destruction specialist

Wherever you are located there are likely to be numerous companies which will securely delete data from your business IT. These specialists should be experts in overwriting and destroying your data on your behalf.

Using a data destruction specialist is advisable for business. In the modern operating environment, there is nothing more important to businesses and organisations than their data. Your data, which your staff and internal processes have protected and managed while your business grows, now needs securely disposing of, along with the retiring IT assets and equipment that house it.

Data destruction experts should offer the following advantages

  • A specialist organisation may be able to return, reuse or recycle your assets after secure data deletion.
  • They should use practices that conform to your territories laws regarding safe and environmentally friendly disposal.
  • They should use a certified software erasure product and provide a full audit trail and certificate of completion.

Things to check before sending your equipment to a specialist include:

  • Seek information about the data destruction organisation’s processes and qualifications, to be sure that your data will be securely deleted and they adhere to regulations in your jurisdiction.
  • If possible, it is preferable to do another secure deletion method, at a minimum using the ‘restore to factory settings’ function, before sending the device to the specialist.

When renewing or removing business IT assets, there are two primary things to consider

  • The choice of erasure employed and the specialist data destruction supplier selected to carry it out.
  • Are internal processes in place to correctly audit the outgoing inventory, satisfying both internal and external compliance?

The most popular choice of tools for erasure or wiping of data from any IT asset, including Mobiles, is Blancco. Blancco erasure solutions are the most respected and widely used product on the market and are INFOSEC Level 5 approved and certified. Blancco software operate an international partner network including IT asset recyclers and refurbishers . A Blancco Gold Partner, such as this company offering UK and European support for IT disposal, provides an assurance that your data partner is using the best tools and is fully certified to operate them effectively.

Download 7 Zip

Download 7 ZipOpen source of the free utility 7z also has developed their far superior format of 7z (7 ZIP). While the new format of 7z is quite new in market, this is gaining slow popularity because to their easy interface, additional level of security as well as well-organized functionality. It is really easy to Download 7 Zip from the website. It is true that 7z is quite efficient than traditional format of ZIP. Just a small experiment was done that you may simply replicate for verifying the statement. Hence, for such an experiment, folder that was used was basically of 65 MB; it contains the files of Microsoft office and even some small files of ZIP.


Initially, I also compressed it by using traditional ZIP format through windows explorer. This file gets compressed and their size even shrank to about 8,881 KB. After this, I then used the format of 7z for compressing that same kind of folder and this got compressed to about 6036 KB. It is the great difference of about 3 MB that is above 25%. Such difference is really phenomenal as well as astonishing considering popularity of the ZIP files in market. There is no doubt at all that 7z is incredibly simple to use.

iphone 6 case

iphone 6 caseThere are definitely several iPhone cases available there, however many of iPhone enclosures are also similar looking. The iPhone 6 case that is easily available in huge numbers on market these days to make it difficult to choose one case from others. Among different kinds of the iPhone cases you would also find for the baby there are several bags as well as enclosures which are made from the leather, the fabric as well as even few rubbers & you must also see few cases which actually turn the iPhone in something actually special. Among various better case that makes for these bags also include names of the Belkin, the Contour Designs and possibly even the Power Support where the iPhone cases would usually cost you for 30$. Various different makes are also worth considering while searching for the perfect iPhone case which also includes NLU Products which has their own BodyGuardz which is the most comprehensive enclosure of the iPhone’s body that will also prevent them from getting scratched.

While looking for several iPhone cases prior that you make the decision to buy, there are few important things that you must keep in your mind. Such important things are always better iPhone cases that have in the common as they does not take an appeal of the iPhone away & such cases may also improve on look of iPhone’s through few strategic handling of plastic which is used in it.

Cheap gold for wow

Cheap gold for wowIf you wish the high level of the character and also lots of the gold in WOW of World of Warcraft, simplest way to get them is just to purchase it. When you will start to play the game, this may take very long time for leveling up as well as make any kind of decent amount of the gold, as well as you can also wish want to save some valuable time and only purchase what you wish. When the WOW which is also known as World of Warcraft first came, prices of the gold were quite high, and so there were sellers not much available. As such, the people were then willing and agreed to pay great amounts of price for the virtual goods.


Now there are available cheap gold for wow.However in previous 3 years, there is also the flood of latest gold farmers and most of them are located in China as all of them are trying to sell the gold to different players. With several new gold sellers now, prices of the gold have even reduced dramatically. Moreover, we have now estimated that about 500,000 people of China are trying to make their full time living by selling the gold & with great supply available, this is unavoidable that prices will drop.


Google starts boosting sites using HTTPS

HTTPSGoogle’s always had a thing for security. You’ll be able to see it immediately if you try to register an e-mail account with them and find that you’ll have to verify your account. They’ll do this by either texting or calling you with a verification code to complete your email registration process.


Why? Well there’s lots of nasty bots out there and ensuring website are human is now a standard for any online forms.


As fighting against bots with captchas has become as standard, so has https.


Google uses https prominently throughout its online services, especially on the Gmail service – making it more difficult for mail to be peered at by wandering eyes as it travels from a Gmail user’s device to Google’s data centers.


Up until recently https has been reserved for online payment gateways and online accounts that require personal or sensitive information.


But in a controversial move Google has decided that HTTPS should be used as a standard, and the whole web should be using it.


Google has been implementing tests to make sure that sites are using secure connections that are encrypted in their search engine ranking algorithms. Basically, they are now looking at sites using HTTPS, and using https as a signal to rank with.


At the moment, the ranking signal given by https is small, only impacting on approx. 1% of ranking authority. This small ranking factor is down to Google wanting to give webmasters some time to switch over to HTTPS for their domains. Thus, they’ll be practicing incremental change and may over time decide to raise the ranking signal for HTTPS to ensure a safe browsing experience.


Now, website developers that have in the past been less serious with security measures must now look to make a change. Google will soon publish notes on how website developers can best understand what is required of them when implementing HTTPS. Some of what Google will publish includes what type of certificate will have to be used for the site, how relative URLs should be used for resources when on the same domain, site indexing, and more.


This announcement by Google has by itself seen quite a lot of feedback from site developers and veterans of the SEO industry. The community supports this change Google is implementing, though they feel that this change was inevitable and are less than shocked to hear it.


Google has been stepping in the direction of also securing its own traffic recently. They have now started encrypting their traffic between their own servers. Though HTTPS and encrypting sites has been around since the late 2000’s, they are still very important today as best practices. A secure website will no doubt give the visitor peace of mind, especially when they are dealing with confidential details. SSL should be set in place to stop fraud from occurring and data from being intercepted by man in the middle attacks.


Essentially, the search rankings for secure websites are going nowhere but up. From an SEO standpoint, websites need to start introducing SSL or TSL security certificates to not only help their website in the area of security, but also to increase their site’s ranking.