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How to know you’re hiring an experienced Magento Developer

 When it comes to hiring a web developer, you will certainly be spoilt for choice, however if you plan on using Magento, it will take a certain type of web developer to get the job done to a high standard. Whilst Magento is a very user-friendly platform for merchants, its developments can be a real challenge, which is why many web developers enjoy working with it. Here we will outline a few tips and hint to help you identify an experienced Magento developer to work with.



Building a website using Magento? You will need to make sure you have an experienced developer onside to give you a helping hand.


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Professional and varied portfolio


One of the best ways to get an idea of a Magento Developer’s experience is to check their portfolio. All web developers should have a professional portfolio that provides examples of the projects they have worked on. When looking through the portfolio, see if the developer has carried out any similar work to your Magento project, as this may make them more suited to the job than other developers. A varied portfolio is also a good sign of an experienced Magento web developer, as it shows they are capable of applying their skills and knowledge to different client requirements.




Knowledge of the platform


Anyone can do a quick Google search and tell you a list of benefits of using the platform, but not everyone knows it inside out. A good Magento Developer will have vast knowledge of the platform and will be able to use this knowledge to explain why it is a good choice for your business and how you can use it to get the most of out of your ecommerce experience.




A good ecommerce developer will know the platform inside out.

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Certified Magento Developer

The easiest way to tell if you are hiring an experienced Magento developer is if the company itself has certified them. Certified Magento developers have to undergo written and practical tests to prove their knowledge of the platform and skill in using it to create fantastic web developments. Most certified website developers will feature the badge on their website, as it is definitely an attractive marketing tool that can help them to win clients.


Cost of services

If you want to work with an experienced Magento ecommerce developer, you need to be willing to pay their rates. Remember that these individuals are highly experienced in using the platform and will be able to achieve the best possible developments for your ecommerce website. If you are unsure what rate is reasonable to expect for an experienced developer, shop around for quotes.


Bespoke web developments

An experienced Magento website developer will understand the importance of creating bespoke web developments. They will take the time to get to know clients and their businesses, so they have a good understanding of their needs and requirements, in terms of Magento developments. Magento web developers know that clients are looking for a way to improve their ecommerce website and make it unique and will go the extra mile to ensure this is achieved.



If you require help setting up your Magento ecommerce store or need bespoke developments creating, it is important to make sure that you choose a professional, reliable and experience developer to work with. Whilst there are millions of web developers all over the world to choose from, if you are using Magento, it is highly recommended that you work with a web developer experienced in using the platform, as they will have the knowledge and skills to help you get the most out of using it.


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Is Ashton Kutcher be behind Wibbalz?

Could Wibbalz be Asthon’s answer for his epic fail with Twitter?



As we all know, it was once said that Asthon Kutcher claimed that he created Twitter. Although we all know this not to be truem, no one can take the fact that Asthon was the first person to attract 1 million followers on the popular social network site Twitter. In the resent years Asthon’s relationship with the service has diminished in recent years, as was stated on According to CNBC Kutcher said, “Twitter’s experience has changed for me, pretty drastically.”

With that being said, has the Famous Kutcher finally went out and created his own Social Network? No one really knows. All anyone knows is that there is this word or “Brand” of some type creating quite a buzz! The question of the day is: “What is Wibbalz and who’s behind it?” Could this be the next wave in Social Media? Or is it just a simple idea, product or name that means nothing? Again, nobody knows WHAT Wibbalz is! We have done our own research on the matter and we can’t find ANYTHING! Nothing at all except for a few Youtube videos, blogs and other post asking the very same question, “What is Wibbalz?” There has even been reports that fliers have been posted all over the country simply stating, “Wibbalz, Coming in October 2104.” So the only thing anyone knows for sure is that we will all know more about Wibbalz later this year.

Keep your eyes open for more about this Amazing new thing called Wibbalz. What is it? How will it affect you? Who is behind it? These are only a few questions surrounding the word: Wibbalz. What can YOU find out about it?  If you want to discuss what you have found out about Wibbalz or you just want to see what others have found out, visit today to start your search for the meaning of Wibbalz.



Business IT support

Business IT supportLots of small, medium and big sized organizations are in requirement of business IT support that comprises the whole thing from VPN to firewall installation and necessary upgrades and even the process of migration to any other PC systems. A few kind of small scale businesses even want audits of complete network and for this a small scale business service provider must have the skill and expertise to offer necessary and outstanding solutions.

A small scale business wants a complete range of services related to computer support and will therefore look for limitless onsite services from a reliable and safe company of IT support. With competent and talented engineers on hand, small scale business IT service support providers will be capable to offer the required level of skill in installing and developing firewalls which are perfectly suited to any type of small or big businesses. There can even be starting level security and firewalls which will make sure that the small scale business keeps its all important information and data secure and along with total safety audits, anti spam and antivirus services, must take proper care of the entire safety requirements of the small scale enterprise. So use these effective IT support service and keep working your business.

Find the best ink cartridges online

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How smart watches will interact with our lives

sony-smartwatch-2-limited-brazil-edition-sw2-picture-1In the last 10 years the ‘Tech’ industry has seen an absolute explosion in products. Products that we would never dream possible before. Thirty years ago, who would have ever thought we would be able to get in touch with anyone through the use of a cell phone virtually anywhere in the world? Let alone, conceive that there would be smartphones more powerful than the NASA computer who landed people on the moon. All of that right in our pockets. Amazing when you think about it! There are so many exciting things happening in ‘Tech’ at the moment, and some of these products can not only be a good help in our everyday lives, but they can also help with our health!

That’s correct, the next generation of ‘Tech’ is called ‘wearable’ and with it we’re able to track things such as heart rates, distance covered, blood pressures and even keep track of our eating habits. Swatchwatches will be the future! With them comes an array of helpful gadgets. For example, in the not to distance future you will be able to control many of the appliances in your home through these watches. Because the next big wave of technological innovations will be the ‘Internet of everything’ and smart watches are going to play a vital role in this new connected generation we are now entering. So why not get one today and see if a smart watch can help you in your everyday life. If you would like more information on Smartwatch products please visit Smartwatch Kopen