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Whatsapp For Blackberry

appbbIn the world of advanced networking, no one wants to use expensive message services of Network providers. People can easily chat with each other using whatsapp on their Smartphone and mobile devices. Such a valuable importance of whatsapp has sharply raised its popularity among people all over the world. The craze of online messaging can be estimated from the fact that there is a new version of which was benchmarked as the business phone.


The famous whatsapp provides a simple interface that resembles the style of carrier messaging services. The added advantage of this app is its cost effectiveness. There is no cost for sending and receiving messages. Also, the app can be downloaded free of cost from any reputed android app store. Its long list of emoticons provides users a flexible way of chatting. The multi user chatting option makes it a wonderful app for those who love conferencing with their friends.


However, there is a major drawback of whatsapp for many developing and underdeveloped nations. The app requires the active internet connection to work. Despite this, its download graph is getting higher day by day. For those who love to stay connected with their friends without paying a single cent, whatsapp is their ultimate chatting destination.

Keep up with the Tech world with GeekCurrent

geekPresent scenario demands that you keep up with the world to be one up on others. Whether you are a scholar, a business person or a professional it is important for you to know what is happening around the world in different spheres currently. Having the latest information on business, social media, gadgets, apps, internet, mobile phones, games and reviews on various products will certainly give you an edge when negotiating business deals, discussing subjects or buying things online. With so much happening around you in all the above mentioned categories you might find it difficult to find the latest on all of them.

You would be better off if you find a site that provides you all information on one page and in real time too. Such site will make your update with the world easy because you won’t need to visit several sites to gather related information. GeekCurrent can give you all of them and more because it is updated with the latest information everyday and you can also get the best reviews on various products and topics to make your choices. Visit the website and browse the topics by category to know the latest development in your interested field.


How you can create a website

cwebThe advancements in the IT world are leading it to the transfusion of various phases of life into a single resource platform. The modern concepts and incoming of mobile gadgets are transforming the ideas and fundamentals of website designing and development.


This year, there are a few most common trends that seem to overlap the IT market. The first one is a static header bar. No matter what your website describes, people love to see a static header bar over the website which provides them links and info for navigation, mainly on their mobile devices.


Another common style which is in trend is unlimited scrolling. The origin of this trend can be traced back from social networking sites as people want the list of their updates to continue as they scroll down. Now, if you want to get famous in the modern IT world, you need to create a website that pace in sync with above trends. This will help you to gain wider target audience along with a hold on your previous market.


Overall, the upcoming trend must be considered as the rules for designing modern websites to make them compatible with mobile devices. Plus, the sites should also be compatible with people’s notion, trendy ideas and sophistication of use.

Pros And Cons Of an IPS Monitor

monitorThe improvements in the nanotechnology have gifted us many surprising presents to transform the meaning of our leisure life. The ultra new IPS Monitor technology has not only improved the picture viewing experience of the common man, but also opened the door to new possibility for further development.


The IPS technology has many advantages over old style LCD panels. The very first thing is the freedom from the viewing angle restriction. This will ease you to roam to any of the corners of the room without losing the picture quality color contrast from any angle. The IPS screen has also managed to free you from seeing colorful patches which you frequently observe on your touch screen monitor due to slight pressure on it.


Although, the IPS screens have presented lots of benefits to people, it has a little disadvantage as well. The IPS panels are more expensive to manufacture as compared to old LCD screens. Also, they consume more power which is the issue yet to be resolved. However, the ultra new evolutionary design, which is still in the developmental phase, is expected to resolve the issue easily along with providing much better picture quality. In short, it can be expected that the new 3D Smart TVs will have a highly advanced version of IPS technology for amazing movie experience.

Your precious Iphone – Protect It through iPhone repairs

iphoneThere is no hesitation at all that iPhone repairs Albury Wodonga is one of the best options for you to deal with the repairing of your iphone. You need both software and hardware repairing and hence you certainly need the real help from these companies. The main advantages of these companies is that they do all kind of repairing and hence you will get all kind of services under one roof and that is something great. Iphone work on IOS and you will find many IOS experts working out here under the roof.

You can hope for the best show from these experts who have all kind of knowledge and this knowledge is four fold. You might get scratches on the screen or the processor can go wrong. Well iphone is probably the most expensive Smartphone that you can think of and hence you will find that the rates of repairing is also heavy, however, the rates out here with the iPhone repair company is certainly reasonable.

There is no hesitation at all that the Iphone is a very strong hardware that seldom gets bogged down and you are certainly going to find that the main problem is either with apps or software part of the Iphone and you can get that repaired out here definitely.