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3 Factors That Artists Must Pay Attention To While Working On Large Format Printing Projects

printThe print technology has come up a long way of evolution in such a way that today human being has access to various tools and techniques that can produce perfect prints as per the needs. Commonly, it is difficult to print larger font or graphics as many things are to be considered along with technical considerations. The tricks of Large Format Printing are much different from that of small A4 size printing techniques. Sometimes, it is also on the part of designer to prepare the design which is versatile enough to sustain and hide minute mistakes of printings like overlapped pixels and color break. Let’s see who a designer can improve the design of print to make it perfect for such conditions.



Continuous Testing


Just like a chef, the artist must focus on regular testing of artwork. Just like a chef taste the dishes and keep on adding ingredients to improve it, the artist must improve the design by testing it over and over again including the correct selection of a primary color for the printing process. The best trick to test digital art is to analyze it sung special print compatibility tools. Such tools process artwork in various formats and find out compatibility results as accurate as possible. It also keeps track of compatibility after Rasterbation of image for Large Format Printing.


print2Vector Graphics







When it comes to creating a masterpiece for the big picture, it is good to use the vector graphics instead of bitmap techniques. Bitmap techniques are describing the image as the collection of pixels which are so dense that it gives the effect of an image as the whole. However, vector graphics define the coordinates of the art-form. The vector graphics viewer then analyzes the codes and create image instantly. This means that the image can be easily enlarged as per the requirement of size without losing the quality of pixels and other image variables.


print3Viewing Distance


Those who are involved in designing of banners and hoardings must also keep in mind the distance from which it will be viewed. There are software which creates the perfect artifacts which seems to be realistic in shape and size when viewed from a certain distance and angle. After all, no one would like to have promotional hoardings that are not visible from far off distance, mainly when they are to be utilized for street ad-place. Analyzing distance of view also enables the artist to follow the perfect perspective of the image. Furthermore, the printing job is also dependent upon the viewing distance and angles. More will be distance of view for print; more relaxation in the pixel density can be afforded.


Final Words


There are certain rules of Large Format Printing that differ from that of normal small size printing jobs. Here, the application of tricks and tips are to be given special attention in order to make it perfect as per the project’s requirements. So, next time when there is any large formatting print project, make sure to take good care of above guidelines. After all, it is in the hand of the artist to make a difference in the quality of the image.

Electronic Cigarettes

ecigModernization of the world has spread its impact over a wide area of scope. It is touching the daily life of common people. The upcoming of the E-Cigarettes can be quoted as the major example of above fact. The recent upcoming of the product does not make it less adorable for the smoker all over the world. The electronic cigarettes are a fine aid for those who are using the e – cig for first time. It contains complete info & utilities which are needed by an e – cig smoker. To learn about e-cigarettes read on.







The electronic cigarettes, as the name suggests, is based on a small electronics fume vaporizer system with a cartridge inside it.


  • No warm ignited end for safety
  • The cartridge lasts long, for about 40 normal cigarettes
  • Contain charger for easy charge
  • Associated flavored cartridge pack
  • Durable Batteries
  • Amazing smokeless property
  • Reduced risk of breathing problem
  • Eliminate cough problem for first time smokers



Overall ratings


Although, the electronic cigarettes are available in few countries, the response of people depicts its high demand in future. The fantastic reviews & ratings of its users are compliments in it. In addition, the affordability & durability of e – cigs makes it a must buy product for all smokers.


PS4 Bundles

ps4bundlesAll the game lovers would have been eagerly waiting for the new update for their recently purchased PlayStation 4 console. The earlier version of the PS 3 was full of excitement and thrill for the gamers. This time the PS 4 is getting reviews from users which are not portrayed as the glorious image as it was in the case of the PS3. However the latest update that has been declared to be released soon will unfold many features of consoles, including 3D gaming. These ps4 bundles are said to organize the files and fix the bugs regarding the security software that troubled many people recently by hindering the playback of new releases.


On the positive side, the PS 4 made a striking breakthrough in the market with its awesome features list and futuristic appearance of the model. Lately, it was reported that it has taken away most of the interest of the people that was about to be allotted for Microsoft new Xbox console, otherwise. But, if you are a tech geek and want to try something new, it would be better to wait for the Microsoft Xbox release as per the claim of the company. Let’s see what difference new ps4 update bundle makes for diverting the mind of people from purchasing Xbox.

Most Popular iPhone Apps for Sports Enthusiasts


The new editions to the iPhone catalogue have been making all the headlines recently. If, in all the fanfare, you’ve become a convert to Apple’s mobiles (or even if you’re a long-time devotee) then you’ll undoubtedly need some help filling your new device with all the best apps. In this post we’ll be looking at the best the App store has to offer in the sporting category. Join as we look at everything from scorecasts to fitness trackers.





ESPN ScoreCenter

ESPN have got a great reputation in the broadcasting department and their apps aren’t too shabby either. If you plan to keep up with all the action then ScoreCenter is the best bet. It mixes real-time scores with news right on your smartphone; and the best part? You can personalise the news and score-feed so you see only what you want to. Keeping track of all the score is particularly good if you want to place Premier League Bets for example.

Nike +

There are now a whole host of fitness tracking apps out there but Nike + is still the original and best. Its stylish and minimal interface has a simple concept: it tracks how far and fast you run, with the added bonus of giving you an estimate of how many calories you’ve burned in the process. It keeps a log of your form so you can see whether you’re improving.

Yahoo! Sportacular

This app is another to add to the list of burgeoning live sports score apps. It’s a busy period at the moment with the Premier League several games in and the NFL recently restarting, so it’s good to have options when it comes to keeping track of all the scores. Sportacular gives users alerts from all major sports as well as news. At Bat

If you’re into Major League Baseball, then At Bat is the only app you’ll need. You can stream every single baseball game live with handy features like Live Look-Ins, access to archived game footage and customisable push notifications. The stats, rosters and realistic ballpark renderings make it one of the most sophisticated sports apps around. There’s a one-time annual fee and then a recurring monthly fee to stream all the live games.

Team Stream

There are few sports websites that put out as much great sports-related content as Bleacher Report. Their news app allows users to follow selected news and coverage of your favourite team(s). You can set up push notifications so that you get the latest news as it happens.


PlayUp is a different category of app: the focus is clearly on the social factor, the premise being that the best part about sport is getting together with friends to talk about it. The app brings friends and games together to discuss all the topics about a sporting event in one place. It’s what the creators call ‘a virtual, private hangout to discuss all aspects of the games with your buddies.” It’s not popular enough and fully-formed yet but it’ll be a go-to in years to come.

American Internet Lagging

american internet lagging



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